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    Reloading equipment is flying off the shelves. If you have the time to do it, you will probably not save money, just be able to shoot more.
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    Check out Lee factory sales they sell the Load Master for 214 set up in one caliber ready to go hope this helps

  4. Quote Originally Posted by netentity View Post
    Reloading equipment is flying off the shelves. If you have the time to do it, you will probably not save money, just be able to shoot more.
    We were shooting the same 500-1000 rounds per week before reloading that we shoot now. I can say that we are definitely saving money. I see where you're coming from though. A person shooting $100 worth of ammo per week which may be 200 (45ACP) rounds may be inclined to shoot the same dollar amount in reloads which would be about 550 rounds.

    I'm using a Dillon 550 progressive and can do 400 rounds per hour if I lock the doors and turn off the phone, 300 taking my time.

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    I just took my first batch of handloads out to the range today. 45 acp using a Dillon 550 B. It is quite a sense of accomplishment, and it saves money. Can't wait to start loading .223

    I was nervous at first, but now I just want to load up more and go back to the range. Just gotta pay attention and not get any double charges or anything stupid like that.
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    You can save about 55-75% by reloading. If you turn around and start blasting away 5000 rounds every weekend you are not going to save squat.

    A 1000$ progressive loader is nice but you do not actually need it, a single stage will do the same thing only slower.

    Once you can no longer buy ammo you will be damned glad you got into reloading and stocked up.


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    I use a Lee Loadmaster Midway sells them for around $250.00. Comes with everything you need for one caliber. I've had mine for about 20 years and have loaded around 100,000 rounds and still going. There are a few plastic parts that require periodic replacement, but Lee replaces them free as long as you send them the bad part. I have a few extras so I can send in more than one at a time.

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