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  1. thank you

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    Welcome to the site.
    As for the laser: I would just say that I wouldn't have any other laser on a CCW than a Crimson Trace. If your heart is set on a laser, then Crimson Trace will do you good, (if you want to pay that much.)
    By my calculus, given the cost of ammo and range time, it does not take long to save the cost of a Crimson Trace laser. Using dry-firing practice with the laser will do wonders for perfecting a smooth and jerk-free trigger pull. Since this is a perishable skill, continued work is required. Most people are willing to practice more in their home than on the range because of convenience and cost.
    I carry a gun because I can't carry a cop!
    EDC Primary: M&P45fs, Crimson Trace LaserGrips, Insight XTI Procyon light in SmartCarry holster
    EDC BUF: LCP, Crimson Trace LaserGuard in DeSantis Super Fly holster

  4. I also have Laser Grips in my Chief Special,

    Best thing since sliced bread!


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    dont have one on a pistol but put one on a rifle, a combo scope with lazer and light and like it a lot makes things easyer and quick.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by akratzer25 View Post
    first let me say. this is my first post. i just signed up for this site, and i love it. i have been carrying guns for 3-1/2 years never leave home with out at least one on me. i am licenced, as is my wife.
    i live in indiana... i have just started looking into buying a good laser sight for my ruger P95 9mm... dose anyone have any info or any sudgestions on one. thank you
    crimson trace

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