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Thread: USA Carry Picnic In New Hampshsire??

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    Cout me in!

    Quote Originally Posted by S&WM&P40 View Post
    I started talking about setting up a picnic for this summer for the forum members who lived in our state and other members close by. More and more people are saying that would be fun and they would come to it. So I'm starting this topic for people who do not stop by the NH forums. Post if you would like to/would come to it. So we can get a list ( or a rough idea any way) of who may come and what they will bring to it. Again this is still in the set up stage no dates have been set up yet. Want to get a date that would work for most of the people coming to it. So just hit up this post with ideas and what not.
    Great idea. Count me in! I'll be coming from Cape Cod. Where in NH? Give me a couple weeks notice. I can work a grill and make something to help feed the masses.

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    Also...I have my Non-Resident NH Pistol Permit and Resident MA Class A LTC. Do you know if I can carry concealed while driving in NH or does the weapon need to be in open view, in the glove compartment or what? I had heard something about vehichle carry in NH being different from MA. Also, can I open carry in NH, even if frm out of state? Thanks!

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    Sounds Great as for a Location and a date. I have none as of yet still waiting to see how many people want to come. Then i was going to get feedback on dates that would work for most of the people. I know nothing about mass law as i cant help you there. As for NH as long as you have a permit to carry concealed like your Non-Resident permit you can carry concealed on you while in a car. If you did not have a permit you would have to take the gun off and lock it up while in the car. But again don't just take my word for it Call the State police great people and they will be able to tell you the law with 100%. As for open carrying yeah as far as i know anyone can open carry in NH. As long as you don't carry with in a Car ( with out a permit that is). If a store owner asks you to leave you have to or you can be arrested for trespassing. but again please call the state police and ask all of this again I'm sure it's all right. Just don't want you to end up in trouble. For a place to have it i was thinking about a park. Luke was thinking about a shooting range so people could shoot. Only problem with that around here is all the ranges are private/members only. I"M hoping/wanting to have it around my town as most of the gun rights stuff is going on down south of the state. So i'm not really sure first time i have done any thing like this. Thats why i say anyone who has some ideas speak up or any one who wants to help set it up. I know i will have to file for the permits to do it in a park thinking I'm going to run into some flack with that when they find out it's for this style of get together. I know me and luke have talked and he said he maybe able to bring up t-shirts/hats for everyone who comes. I also came out with the idea of him asking the site sponsors to come or ro send him some sample gear to show off at the picnic. We also have the idea of having a raffle/give away put on by I had the idea of a sheet cake with the usa carry logo. any thing else just post up a list of ideas in this topic.


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    Depending on time and location and date, I may attend! I think this is an awesome idea! Way to go!
    "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

  6. I can do it. Need a date before I can commit.

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    LOL, This thing has really started to take off. I think i have about 10 peolpe on this forum give or take ( i have not counted so i may be way off). I have about 10 to 15 over at and 3 to 4 more when i set a date and more after that when they post it on other NH sites. I need to start getting feedback from poeple On dates that would work for them. Thats really what I'm waiting for. A few people have said they would like it to be a pop luck BBQ people bring side dishes and other things. I really like that Idea a lot i may be able to get my hands on a BBQ and the dogs and buns and some other stuff. But i need feedback from other people. This idea started before i lost my job so i don't have as much income to throw into this. Also what states people will be coming in from. I know most of them, MA,CT,RI,FL and others what state are you coming from tag?


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    Looking good. I know we keep missing each other on IM but I've been really busy with some projects these past few weeks.

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  9. I'm in Upstate NY near Saratoga.

    Got parking for my Motorhome? If I can get the wife to come (depending on the date) I'll bring my motorhome and make a week of it visiting NH.

    Already have my NH permit so I'll be safe

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    Nice to see this is coming together. I'm coming from the Cape. Weekends of June 20th, August 1st or Aug 15th works for me.

  11. And that's it?

    I was hoping for a nice little trip to NH.


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