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Thread: Crimson Trace or LaserMax?

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    Crimson Trace or LaserMax?

    Hey guys,

    Looking for some opinions:

    I wanted to get a laser for a Glock 17 and can't decide which would be best: Crimson Trace or LaserMax.

    I like the lasermax because it replaces the guide rod and doesn't change the feel of the weapon.

    However, the crimson trace has an adjustable laser BUT it looks like my finger (off target off trigger) would block it?

    Can you guys post a "review" of any that you've used?

    I've looked online but I never trust those reviews lol I feel like the company is paying people to go out there and post reviews...

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Guide rod lasers are problematic and can't be adjusted. I have a broken one for my Taurus PT92. It lasted about a year. It was the only choice as Crimson Trace doesn't make one. If they make one for the G17, and I think they do, definitely go Crimson Trace. I have 4 guns and the only one they make grip for is the Glock 19. I tried one on the G19 and finger in register did not black the laser. I would buy one tomorrow if they had one for the G21SF/30SF. Both guns should take the same llaser since the part of the frame where it mounts is the same. I could swap it from gun to gun only having to buy one.

    I would buy another guide rod laser if they were less than $100, but for $300+ they should be more reliable and adjustable. LaserMax also makes a frame mount, but the Crimson Trace is a better and more comfortable setup.

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    I was kind of worried about the guide rod as well as most weeks I fire 1000+ rounds (each week). Where is the activiation switch for crimson trace (i assume built on to the grip?)

    Thanks for your help.
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    What will you be using it for? Will it be on a night stand gun? Or on your concealed carry gun? Crimson trace is not water proof and if it gets wet it will die. After speaking with the company they said it will stand up in the rain for a short time but as soon as you get home. Take it off and dry it off inside and out. laser max is water proof and can be used in water if need be. Fire power TV did a great test of the laser max guide rod laser on a Sig and it passed them all. It was dropped,crushed,set on fire,blow up,frozen,dragged,shot it with another gun and more. Not only did the sig hold up but the laser max laser was still going stong. Let me see if i can find the video.


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    Click on this link and it will take you to the video test. Every thing you can think of they do it to the laser max and the sig.


  7. The switch for the Crimson Trace is in the grip. Just applying normal grip pressure activates the laser. The switch on my LaserMax is in the slide release and requires that you activate it. It's not as "automatic" as the crimson Trace. I bought the LaserMax about 6 years ago when I wasn't shooting a whole lot. Just a few hundred rounds a year. It failed after about a year. The laser dot was about 4" off from the factory with no way to adjust it. After a few months it drifted another 1/2" or so, which would have been acceptable had it been spot on in the first place.

    We shoot a few hundred rounds a week now and I'm not at all comfortable with the reliability of the LaserMax. I also tried a LaserLyte trigger guard mount laser on the Taurus. It failed before I got done with a 50 round box of ammo. I still have it. What ever is wrong with it is intermittent. It may quit after 2 shots or 100 but it will always quit. I occasionally play with it at the range and it never makes it through a 100 round session.

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    Good Thread and Info! It has addressed a couple concerns. Thanks!!!!
    Semper Fi

  9. I'm a very big fan of Crimson Trace products. They just updated their line of Glock products to be more similar to the new system they developed for the XD. The old Glock products are OK, but the new ones are a big improvement (the actvation switch is in the front and there is an on/off switch which is nice for training with laser and without).

    The CT system uses two batteries like those that go in car remote batteries. They add a little bit of girth to the grip. HOWEVER that girth is added in such a way that it contours beautifully to the natural shape of your hand (the batteries rest inside of the recessed part of your palm). The system makes my XD grip better and more comfortable.

    Some people say good things about the Laser Max products. I've never tried them. I've shied away because I don't like the idea of replacing parts that have to do with the mechanical funciton of the gun. The L.M. makes you do that. I also don't like the on/off switch.

    Also, being so near the muzzle, my understanding is that the L.M. laser gets covered with powder residue.

    I currently have Crimson Trace stuff on most of my carry guns. Before long I'll have it on all of them. I've never had any problems. There is no question whe direction I would take.

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    Lasermax G17,G26&G30

    I have had Lasermax in each of these guns since they came out for them. Never had any problems
    with them. I have one of the first G17 and no idea how many rounds through it with the Lasermax.
    I think the Lasemax came out a few years after i got the G17. Whenever it was its long enough i can't remember.

    One thing about the Lazermax, the pulse helps pull your vision to it and prolongs battery life a bit.

    They can be adjusted too the gun if you send it in, or they used too do that.
    Mine are so close I never bothered with it.

    As with any sight distance makes them change. Close up it shoots low. Long it shoots a little high.
    Not enough to worry about for me. If its long get the SAR8 or AR's out or run.

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    I have used both on a few different pistols over the years. Both are great systems. The new Crimson Traces for the Glock are designed to be covered by your finger. Think of your finger as the safety for the laser. The laser is always on and your finger blocks the laser from going out until you slightly move it. Works great.

    The LMs are also great. I have used them in The M9 Beretta and the Glock. LM rus a bit more expensive if I remember correctly. You'll be happy with either one.
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