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Thread: Question for all, what do you use for home defense?

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    Springfield Loaded Champion 1911 loaded with 185gr Golden Sabers, a spare mag next to the gun, along with a Surefire 9P and a small fixed blade knife ...
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  3. First choice in the sleeping chamber is an AR. Back-up is a hand gun. The other primary livining space has an 870 in a discrete location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charliej47 View Post
    If I am up, I am armed. If I am in bed then it is a 12Ga. #00 buck pump.
    Same here. M&P9c in the waist, Remington 870 12 w/ 00-Buck in the linen closet.


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    a S&W 10MM w/ 2 mags and flashlight right next to the bed. Shotgun by the back door.

  6. 3 big dogs as the first line. Second line is a pump shottie. Make is unimportant.
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    12 guage shotgun my side, .38 revolver her side in bedroom.

    Front part of house is 20 guage shotgun and another .38 for her. Both of hers have crimson trace lasers.

    When I'm not dressed to go outside add my carry gun of the day on my chothes chair in a special holster I made to fit along the back. Either the glock 27 or .357 revolver.

    Not that big of a house, but I figured sleeping area, where we spend lots of time and near front door and garage door are covered with quick access.

    Back door is covered with two barking dogs, thought they will lick first and ask questions later.
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    got my custom 1911..and a flashlight, handmade katana on the tv, just put a door chime on the front door
    ( i don't have a back door ) and the speaker is next to the bed...wireless set up for 30$ at lowes..and you can hook it to more than one door....the minute that door cracks a half inch it's playin a tune in the bedroom!! and I'm locked and loaded..

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    Wife gets the Stroger 12ga Coach gun and I have a Colt Defender 45. I figure she will hear anything first and the shotgun blast will wake me up. 45's real handy in night stand. Others scattered around house strategically.

  10. what do you use for home defense?

    We use a five pound Chihuahua with a thirty pound mouth as the first stage. Our dogs are hearing assist dogs, and the male is very territorial and sounds off at unsual sounds. I have my SA XD-45 with 14 rounds of 180 gr JHP ammo, and my wife has a Rossi 5-shot .38 spl stoked with with 125 gr JHPs. We also each have a cell phone at arm's length at all times, as well as a great police department and sheriff's department who do a good job of patrolling the area at all times.
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    For me I go for the Taurus 44 Mag with a 6 and a half inch barrel. And when you shoot with that you dont even have to hit him... but the sound and the foot of flames that come out the barrel will do the job....

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