Question for all, what do you use for home defense?
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Thread: Question for all, what do you use for home defense?

  1. Question for all, what do you use for home defense?

    For myself it's a mix between my custom Mossberg 500 persuader, or my Sig P226 all steel.

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    Typically, I have my Sig P229R Equinox .40 S&W, which has night sights, right next to the bed with 2 extra mags, a flashlight and some electronic ears.
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    Mossberg 500 loaded with #4. Also have a Mossberg 500 Slug-gun sitting next to it. Keep a 45 Colt Defender next to me in living room, and have a 357 and 40 in nightstand. That is not getting carried away, is it? I do not go to the door without my 45 in my hand (I live in the woods - if someone is at my door it is very unusual.

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    Whichever gun is closest at the time.
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    They are all loaded and the little one is a 9mm (I traded my P3AT for a Contender .45LC), so what difference does it make?

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    a 303 enfield carbine next to the bed ,have pistols but prefer a short rifle instead think i would do better in court that way if i ever had to use it,hard to miss them as they come up the stairs,one shot should do it instead of 2 or 3 with a pistol.

  8. Most of the time I have possession of my Draco AK pistol when at home or any gun at hand that I keep near.

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    It would depend on which room I am in when I need it. From the bedroom I would start out with my XD 45acp then an ak then an 870.

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    If I am up, I am armed. If I am in bed then it is a 12Ga. #00 buck pump.

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    My first line of defense is bars on windows and doors. Next would be my alarms system. I prefer to keep them out if I can. If they manage to get through these then a couple of myf handguns are at the ready at all times. I like handguns because I can keep them close to the body which makes them harder for someone to grab. If I feel the need to increase the firepower for some reason then of course I can go to a rifle or shotgun next.
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