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Thread: Cross-eye dominant shooters?

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    I too am right handed, left eye dominant. I used to shoot (handgun) with both eyes open. At the time, I had no training and simply "guessed" my way towards decent target accuracy.

    When I took basic pistol, I learned better stance and grip. The instructor also wanted me to shoot left handed, since I was left eye dominant. But it was too uncomfortable for me to do that in a defensive/tactical scenario. When I took four day defensive handgun, I did it all right handed, and the instructors simply told me to lean my arms to the left a little, and turn my head slightly right, to line up my left eye to aim. It worked fine for me the whole course.

    I have come to the conclusion that if I shoot left handed, it would be for bulls eye competition. This is because I can take the time to do the deliberate movements without the pressure of a life or death situation. However, for defensive purposes, shooting right handed comes more naturally and requires less thought process. I have read in more than one source that in a life threatening situation, you can expect to be half as good on your best day; therefore, stick to the movements that are most natural.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADJ423 View Post
    I too am cross dominant, right hand left eye. I shoot with both eyes open all the time. I try to shoot with one eye closed and I can't hit the broad side of a barn with a handgun. I don't know what you would call my stance. I stand with my left foot forward about 45 degrees to my target with my left elbow bent and my right arm almost straight. Rifles I shoot left handed using my left eye. I have done it this way since I was a kid and have never tried to change it, I just shoot how it feels natural to me.
    Sounds like the Weaver stance.... I use it for target shooting.

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    I'm right handed / left eye. I shoot handguns with both eyes open & rifles scoped or not with my right eye.
    I feel it's whatever feels natural & works

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    Left Eye, Right Hand

    I'm also left eye, right hand dominant. According to the family story I was born left handed but my folks took everything out of my left hand and basically "forced" me to favor the right. Additionally I had an undiagnosed a prism issue for about 20 years and my brain pretty much ignored my right eye for years. Even with both eyes open, the left one tends to dominate.

    When it came time to start with long guns I just naturally pulled them up lefty and have always stayed true to that. About 6 months before I left for Basic Training I started working on my right handed rifle shooting but when we got around to weapons training I was encouraged to stay with what was "natural".

    When it comes to handguns I've always favored my right side. I typically stand in a "modified Weaver",turned slightly to my right with my right foot back. My left arm is bent, the right one is fairly straight and my head is pushed further over to the right than "normal" with the right side of my chin resting against my chest/shoulder just above the armpit. This places my left eye directly behind my weapon with the weapon generally centered on my body. This particular stance works well for me but I also work on it regularly, shooting about 1500-2000 rounds a month.

    When I took the Arrest and Control class a couple of years back, the instructor suggested I rotate my weapon slighty to the left, not move my head so much and keep it higher to reduce neck strain and make it easier for me to scan. I gave his suggestions some thought but 30 years worth of muscle memory kept overriding them.

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  6. my wife had the same problem. right handed left eyed..

    after i taught her too use the same eye as her dominant hand she told me she was also amberdextrious............

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    Dealing with cross-eye domination

    I'm over 50 years of age now, but, as a 10-year old, I realized that I had the same problem. I also realized that being able to do things both right-handed and left-handed might be an asset. So, until I was in my mid-twenties or so, I used to spend about 40% of my practice time doing things left-handed to develop coordination and control. I practiced shooting my bow, shooting my pellet rifle, throwing and kicking a ball and swinging a bat in both manners. I would also split wood, shovel snow, and hoe and dig in my Dad's garden as a left- and right-hander.

    Yup, I was clumsy at first but, and it was very frustrating but, over time, I became a more powerful hitter from the right side of the plate, although I confess I had better control in placing the ball from the left side of the plate. Shotgun shooting ability is just about the same, but I am more accurate shooting at targets as a left-hander than as a right-hander. When it comes to shoveling, raking or spitting wood, I can easily switch hands and keep going when I might otherwise have to stop and rest.

    No matter what your age is, I'm sure that some slow focused practice over several months will help you out.

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    I'm just cross-eyed period! For me it's a point and shoot
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  9. Not sure why there are such extreme measures to solve the dominance issue. I'm worried that some of you are going so far away from your natural instincts that you'll be confused in a stressful situation. It's important to be familiar with situations that are unnatural to you but not to do a complete makeover.

    I qualified expert with my M16A1/A2 for 26 years, with open sights and targets out to 300 yards (was always curious why my rear sight was always so far to the right when I zeroed but I hit the targets). I target shot and hunted with shotguns, muzzleloaders and bows for over 30. Never knew I was cross dominant until I picked up a pistol. I compensated by tilting my head to the right and keeping my left eye in line with the sights. Simple solution and now I train using that method.

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    I am right handed and left eye dominant. Many years ago, about 1960 I first learned about eye dominance, I learned to shoot left handed. It didn't take very long. Recently I had a left eye problem so my vision is not so good in that eye. I am having a problem because my left eye is still partially dominant. Sometimes it will be dominant and next time it isn't. I am transitioning to using my right eye with my right hand. It won't take long, just practice. A little dedication is required.
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