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Thread: AL shooting.. multiple firearms used.

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    There is an ongoing investigation and there is a lot more info unfolding. He had a "hit" list too.... some of his victims were random though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by webdog44 View Post
    My guess as to why no one stopped him is because like my 'great state' of Maryland, Alabama is a 'May Issue' State when it comes to CCW permits. So I'm assuming there are not that many people that are able to carry in Alabama. Anyone else have insight or statistics on this? Am I making a good assumption?
    While AL is may issue, the AL county sheriffs typically do issue but they can put any restrictions they want on your permit. There's also no statutory training requirement to get an AL permit. The issuing sheriff can also yank your permit for any reason.

    What I suspect happened is everyone was shell shocked and didn't react because they had the "it cannot happen here" mentality. I've lived Las Vegas area since Sept 1992 and San Diego prior to that I instinctively go for a firearm when I hear gunfire or I sense something isn't right in my home.

    If I hear multiple shots, I either go for one of my rifles or shotguns in addition to a handgun and lock 'n load.
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    First of all, my thoughts go out to all the families involved in this terrible tragedy. Secondly, I am a little surprised that this idiot got as far as he did without someone taking him out but based on how things unfolded this guy was on the move with purpose and no hesitation.

    Again, just reaffirms why I just went through my CWP course, hope to get it sooner rather then later.
    "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life."
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