Taking a ex-anti to the range
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Thread: Taking a ex-anti to the range

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    Taking a ex-anti to the range

    Leaving in 15 minutes. Going to be a good time. This guy was very anti and finally decided to see the light. We are leaving for the range in about 15 minutes. My goal by the end of this year is to turn 10 people pro-gun. I have already turned a few (some have even gotten their permits). I figured even if I turn 1, that's one more for our cause.
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    Good job. let us know how the time at the range works out. Your exactly right we should all be doing or trying to do the same. I am always trying to bring some of my sons friends along. have takin a couple of them before. always a good time. The weather is finally warming up alittle here in Michigan. Range is outside.
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    Whoo hoo! Keep us up to date on the numbers.

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    nice! good luck.
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    Good job. I'd try the same but I don't know if there is a home in this town without at least a gun or 10.
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    I think your doing something very improtant...if we all converted just one person it would make a huge difference. I would say most anti's are that was because they were raised by antis....all you have to do is introduce them to our lifestyle and they're hooked...

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    Went awesome!

    We spent about three hours at the range. He loved shooting my .45 SIG. He is considering getting his permits here in PRMA so he can own one. I had a blast shooting with him, he fit right in, wasn't out of place. He said "I could so get into this each weekend, this is like a frat house I love it". The range was packed and there was a ton of black rifles there. I have never seen so many at this range.
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    Keep up the good work. We need all the converts we can get.
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    great job! keep it up.. then challenge the new converts to convert more.
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    I misread the topic. I thought it said "taking an anti to the range today"

    My first thought was PEPPER POPPER!!!!!!

    I joke I joke

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