Man arrested in the UK for tackling an intruder
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Thread: Man arrested in the UK for tackling an intruder

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    Man arrested in the UK for tackling an intruder

    Hopefully we never get this bad here. At this point, our country seems to be headed in the other direction. I certainly hope this trend continues here and we don't follow the British.

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    Even God won't the queen at this point.

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    no future!
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    Wow! Hope it works out for this guy!

    I can see all the BG now. Break into house, laugh, jump around going "you can't touch me. You can't touch me.", take all of home owners things, laugh again, walk to neighbors, and Repeat!

  6. England is toast. :(

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    Soon the Brits will all be Dhimmis and it will be their own fault. It's hard to believe that it's the same nation that stood alone in defiance against the might and malice of the Wehrmacht after it had rolled over all of Europe. It is no longer the nation upon whose Empire the sun never set, but a parody of liberal pseudo-civilization, groveling before criminals, Muslim terrorists, and their own government. My, how the mighty have fallen.
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