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Thread: Anyone shoot / carry 45 GAP ?

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    Smile No as bad as I thought

    Hey, Glockster20 thanks for the links! The 2nd one is telling, with that many LEO organizations using the 45 GAP ammo should be available for years.

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    All this talk and research about the cartridge is making me take a hard look at the .45 GAP models.... me thinks I may add a couple of new Glocks to the family The G39 is no bigger than the G26 and 27 Glocks!! I am eyeing the Glock 38 as well. Good discussion! Thanks for bringing it up CDW!

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    IMO the Glock 39 (45 GAP) has no more, maybe less recoil than the 27 (40 cal).
    It has less recoil than Colt Officers Model for sure.

  5. Issued a G37 and G39, have a G38 for home. Love 'em all.

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    Thumbs up 45 GAP = awesome

    I have a model 38 and 39. I did a little shooting the other day, the 39 & 39 do have less recoil than the 23 & 27 in 40. The 38 & 39 are my first picks due to the speed of follow up shots and bigger bullet diameter. The 27 and 23 are my 3rd & 4th choices. The 40 has a snappier recoil, and smaller bullet, but more capacity and energy.
    The joy of choices.

  7. 45 gap

    Let me be the first to reply to this in a long time. The NYSP, my agency, has had the GAP since last spring and the results have been astounding. We are 8/8 in officer involved shootings, qualification scores have gone up and individual confidence in their sidearms is very high. The guns (G37) are more accurate than the old G17s by far and the felt recoil is actually on par with a stout 9mm, more of a long duration push than a sharp snap. The 200 gr Gold Dot has performed perfectly in every situation. I also own a G38 and it is my favorite in the caliber (have a G39 issued as well for my unit), more accurate than my 37 and a pleasure to shoot. I still love and carry my G19 and G26 but the 45GAP is a helluva round/gun combination. I know it's not 105 years old but it works and works well.

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