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Thread: USA Carry Picnic In Florida

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    Thats a great idea,count me in...

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Sounding good for either Clearwater or Orlando.

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    Count me in!!! I can go almost anyplace! As long as it is not cold....
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    When I retire I am going to move up North and drive slow!!

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    I'll attend if I am in town. My lives in DC and has cancer, so I am commuting back and forth.
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    Orlando would work for me.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by lukem View Post
    S&WM&P40 is trying to organize a picnic up in NH. I was wanting to set one up this summer in Florida as well. Who here would be interested?
    I'd love to attend this picnic. Please keep us informed.

  8. I am intertested in a get togeather in florida just make it a convienient place tom y

  9. Picnic

    I would be interested! I like the Tampa Orlando area since that is where I live! :) But Orlando amminities and easy access makes it a strong contender.

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    I live in Orlando and think you might want to contact the Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club. Their website is CFRPC-Welcome They have a nice outdoor range near the international airport. I am not a member but have been out there a few times and it is large enough for a big group.

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    Thumbs up North Central Florida works well

    Great range at a NRA club in Ft. White, (Fort White Gun Club) 30+ acres, lots of open fields for picnic, parking, etc., plus ranges for rifle, pistol and SASS. Orlando is 8 lanes of hate and discontent & extremely expensive for visitors; Tampa is OK for centralized Floridians, but for folks coming from other parts of the southeast US, the Gainsville/Lake City area is more accessible. Both cities are alongside I-75 for ground travelers and Ft White is just 35 mi to the NW.

    Just my 2 cents. I am not a member of the FW club bytheway.....but I do shoot matches there occasionally.

    Buckeye Charly in Suwannee County Florida[SIGPIC]

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