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Thread: 911 Operator Says Kidnap Victim Was Wasting His Time

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    i started to carry once i was carjacked. I was the only one that could help myself and was not armed. WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!

  3. Here in Columbia,SC there are racial based political games played continuously around the 911 call center. Militant blacks will file bogus complaints against operators solely for a chance at getting on the payroll in their place after the operator is stabbed in the back.The average IQ of the people at the call center now ranges somewhere between pond scum and zero. I stopped listening to the BS call about 5 minutes in because it sounded like a bunch of low lifes trying to stir up trouble. It is all the classic part of the dumbing down of America where a person is placed in a job for their race or political connections rather than their ability. I sense this is exactly what is going on here. I would sell my house and cash in every dime of wealth I had and sue everybody involved.I lay odds that a few months from now the truth will come out about this. I am not buying the face story here at all. It stinks too much like the monkey farm at the downtown city hall in Columbia,SC...

  4. wow

  5. NEWS 911 operator

    As someone who has actually dispatched police units, this dispatcher needs to be in another line of work. It is perfectly understandable they are doing an internal on him, and I understand there are other irregularities in his performance as a dispatcher. If someone reports they are being held against their will or have been kidnapped, you do not read them the riot act and saythey are wasting your time. This guy has no business handling emergency calls. Thank God he is not on a suicide hot line, he'd be putting people on hold.
    syno, 911 calls are not handled by the telephone company, so the switching of the the telephone lines does not work. The 911 system is a police function. In Arizona, when one calls 911, the call goes to a Department of Public Safety dispatcher, who asks where you are, and routes the call to the local department. with the Enhanced System, they do not need to get your location as it is on the screen in front of them. They ask what is your emergency, so they know whether you need fire, ambulance or police assistance and can prioritize the call. The phone company provides the lines, period. Tthat silly broad in California should have been horsewhipped for having a nanny call 911 to have Gloria Allred removed.
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    If she only told the operator she was carrying an unregistered gun I'm sure the police would have been sent immediately.

    Just a matter of priority really.

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