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Thread: "Community Activists" march in support of Oakland cop killer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peaso View Post
    There are plenty of Black people including some in this video (if you cared to watch) that don't condone what happened. Gun violence affects Black communities disproportionately more than others...that's why you see so many protests ( some right some wrong). Please don't make this a black/white issue and invoke Sharpton and Jackson into it because what happened here was clearly wrong and any "level" minded person (black or white) would agree.
    Not trying top stick my nose in to defend tatt because he could do that for himself but he and I both go way back here on this forum. Tatt actually is black himself so I think he is really just trying to look at it from a different perspective. The problem is not with black people but with some of the self appointed spokes persons for the black community. i.e. Sharpton and Jackson. I know a number of black families in our church and I can tell you that most have little use for Sharpton or Jackson. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    I see and hear stuff like this all the time courtesy of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, so I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that this guy is black, as are all the people who are defending him. I'm willing to bet that if this guy were white, we wouldn't hear a peep from this organization.
    That is exactly what I thought of. Good post.

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    Ya know, racism goes both ways, and these people are front-and-center in making that happen. A parolee, accused of raping a minor, gets pulled over for a traffic stop, and all of a sudden, the plice are picking on this guy. So it's okay if he murders 4 cops, because he's just a poor black guy who can't get a break.

    And then they wonder why cops go off and use excessive force? Is there any wonder why more cops don't approach EVERY traffic stop guns drawn and somewhat forcefully?

    The people in this film clip are morally dead. They are mentally sick, and they are proud of it. I have no sympathy for any scum-bag that the cops permanently remove from society. May more of them be given a nice dirt-nap.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by JohnK87 View Post
    I guess they like defending punk-*** kiddie rapists if they kill cops.

    Gateway Pundit: Outrage!... Protesters Rally In Support of Oakland Cop Killer (Video)

    I'll save my pity for the families of the police officers, and my hollow points for the punks like this.

  6. I never leave the house without at least 1 -38 /357 or 45 , dont care if I am going to the store up town , in our town of 300 not much going on but I go just the same as i would in a town of 3 million ,T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piece Corps View Post
    ...Is there any wonder why more cops don't approach EVERY traffic stop guns drawn and somewhat forcefully?...
    It is to be hoped that they are professionals who take their oath seriously and strive to enforce the law; not act like bullies who are more equal than mere citizens. However, you are probably right that such is beyond the ability of most police officers.

    The actions of the officers in this case don't appear to be the problem. That this human waste was allowed back onto the streets after committing the crimes he was convicted of IS...

    That there are people that can defend this filth is incomprehensible to me.
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    The First Admendment does give the people the right to speak their mind and it is equally my right to tell them to "Bag it"... In one of the other video's out there on "You Tube" about Mr Mixon, a Spokesman for the area claims....
    ~ Police Forces is an occupying army in our African Community...
    If he feels that Oakland is an African Community and not an American Community, Then this "Gentleman" can just ship his sweet young *** back to Africa....

    I do aplogize if this is a double posted video...

    YouTube - March for Lovelle Mixon who shot four Oakland cops before being murdered
    Semper Fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbark44 View Post
    I never leave the house without at least 1 -38 /357 or 45 , dont care if I am going to the store up town , in our town of 300 not much going on but I go just the same as i would in a town of 3 million ,T
    Too bad the "good people" of Oakland, CA aren't allowed to do the same.

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  10. Yep it is , it should be legal in every state if your a stand-up citizen you should have the right an responsibility to carry a gun , No Exceptions , if your a criminal an you commit a crime with a gun an extra 25 years mandatory NO Parol time should be given , if more than 3 people see you Kill someone , end of trial out back 3 rds in the head bury his butt in the cemitary Minimal expence to tax payer , , JMHO
    I have a great amount of respect for Most LEO , but I grew up in a place in Texas where the crooks an cops were very hard to distinguish , only way you knew the difference it the cops had badges an uniforms ,seen many occasions where people died in custody from apperent suicide in jail , an cop cars pull up on a rig location so someone I knew could buy some crank , so I know there are good an Bad alike in that field , I am not saying these fellows did anything wrong only that it can turn out that way with the wrong attitudes , you can still be right in the wrong way , T

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    Mr. Mixon had no business being "free" from captivity in the first place!! These folks actually think it's okay to commit crime and not be held accountable. They themselves are criminals and they are trying to make a martyr out of a dirt bag by playing the race card!

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