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    This is my first post and I like the tone of this site. I carry a P3AT and was looking at the Crimson Trace laser. I have not found a holster I like. I currently have a Fobus KTP ND that I dearly love which allows easy concealment and quick access. I would like to add the laser to my gun since the sights are not the best but as of now not ready to part with the Fobus. Not really fond of the inside WB holsters. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to the site, BigSlick. I have a ArmaLaser on my P3AT and I only pocket carry it. I use an inexpensive Uncle Mike's #3 and never know its in my pocket. You may have to have someone make you a Kydex holster for your setup. You can find all kinds of pocket holster but a OWB or IWB is hard to find. Someone will chime in here if they know of a holster available for it.

    Found this. http://www.desantisholster.com/store...&ctg_id=120142
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