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    A Friends Recent Encounter

    I met my friend at the range Friday nite. As we are loading, Adam proceeds to tell me his recent events. I noticed a new Glock along w/ his other, and he said that it played into the story. ( I knew he was looking at another purchase, but not that soon. )

    Adam was walking in one of the beautiful Metroparks that day. Just casually strolling through the woods. He noticed a person walking towards him, and something in particular struck him as odd . The person was holding his jacket funny, so Adam was getting prepared. mentally, and physically. He's thinking about the rules of engagement, and he already has a good 2 1/2 outta 3. The other flashed open his jacket and Adam saw a pistol tucked into the waistband. (During this, Adam had unzipped his coat, and had his hand ready to rip up the shirt and draw.)So, Adam proceeds to tell the person as he (Adam) places his hand on the gun starting to draw ... all the while backing up.


    At that point, while he is drawing.... or so he thinks, the BG is placing his hand on his pistol, drawing. Now, that's all he needs to truly confirm.

    Adam snags his Colt Defender on his shirt. Not once, but twice. BUMMER !

    Adam draws.... finally, points, and the BG takes off running.

    After that, Adam called the LEO'S, and informed them. The BG was caught by the park rangers, and the local boys. Now, down to the parking lot.......


    The BG was a 17 yo male. The gun, was a toy gun. Although, he WAS planning on walking the woods trying to intimidate and rob. The one LEO was so pissed at the kid, that he unloaded his gun, and pointed it repeatedly into his face, yelling, and asking him if he knew what the F almost happenned, that THIS, just like Adam's was a REAL gun, and it could have killed him. I guess, from what was said, the authorities there were giving him a riot act.

    Adam was congratulated, and told he did a fine job. He was shook up for awhile, especially at the fact it was only a kid.


    I say we, because in him relaying the story to me, I also learned. He went right away, and traded the Defender in. As I stated previously, he was in the process of purchasing a new weapon. He decided upon a second Glock. He was contemplating for awhile on a .357 sig, but went w/ the compact .45.

    I understand what some may think. He did practice with the Defender, but felt that in a crazy situation, the Glock would be better suited d/t lack of a hammer so as to minimize snagging. Seconds count, and luckily the way it played out, he was able to learn his mistakes, and how to correct for the future. There are many variables, but if you can eliminate some, why not.

    I also learned from him talking to the rangers, that the parks are unfortunately not as safe as they used to be. I do know they have changed, but the rangers reiterated that there are many, many instances in the parks. Most are not known. There was an instance in the park just up the road where we used to live. The park was almost literally , at the end of my street. Just a mile away from our yard. We lived in a pretty peaceful, rural area. I am not ignorant, but just did not fully expect it at that one. Adam's park, was one I would be more suspicious of.

    I informed my wife the next day that she was not walking in the park w/o either me, or the dogs.... preferably w/ me. ;) I also informed her, that she would get hers one way or another after the babe arrives. Doll was planning on it, but not as soon. lol

    I thought Adam did well, under the circumstance, and am grateful for the fact I have not lost a friend in the process. I reckon that being a PK, the Man upstairs was really watching him.

    ........................ just thought I'd give all something to ponder
    stay safe,
    -- mot --
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    "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf". ~George Orwell / Rudyard Kipling

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    Lucky that where he lives, parks aren't "gun free zones." All parks in Tennessee are so safe, the legislature decided for me that I don't need a gun in a park.
    Victory rewards not the army that fires the most rounds, but who is the more accurate shot. ---Unknown

  4. Thanks mot mayhem for passing that story on.

    Every once in a while I start to wonder if I have inflated the danger "out there" to justify my carrying. I pass joggers or other walkers and it's pretty clear that they don't carry guns.

    I don't know if anyone else has these occasional thoughts but I confess I do.

    This story reinforces that there is a clear and present danger
    "out there" to anyone who is not prepared to protect themselves.

    I'm reminded of the saying; "When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away!"

    ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!

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    Thanks for sharing that story.It definately makes you think that no matter how prepared we are,something can always happen to throw a wrench into the operation.Thankfully it turned out all right for your friend and no one had to die because of the stupidity of a teenager.Here in florida,we are allowed to carry in the parks and that law was just passed not long ago.
    And sarge,i carry most everywhere i go and no you aren`t paranoid for feeling the way you do,because i feel the same way.Better to have the gun and not need it,than to need it and not have it.Bad guys count on easy prey and show no prejudice in the spots they choose to commit a crime.

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    Scary stuff! I thought I was one of only a few who is aware of the dangers out there, glad to know others think like I do..
    Drakes Creeks, AR
    "A gun unloaded and cocked aint good for nuttin!"--Rooster Cogburn

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    Lots of us . I think most stay below radar because it is not socially seen as normal.Most of us exterverts are trying to convert the stupid.

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    Thanks for sharing Mot! I think you're friend did just fine. He was able to determine the threat early enough to start analyzing a plan of defense/escape. Then, was able to react without hesitation. (Minus the wardrobe malfunction!)

    You know he may have had someone looking out for him that day! If he would have been able to draw clean there may possible have been a dead 17 yr old. Even though he had every right to shoot, mentally and financially I think it couldn't have gone better. Hopefully, this scared this kid enough to turn him around.

    Tell your friend +1 from me!
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    Post Subject

    Looks like the kid picked on the wrong person. Perhaps he will be a little wiser, after this incident. Very interesting story.

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    Mot, thanks for passing along the story, there is a little lesson for everyone in it. That dumbarse kid was pretty lucky your friend was so cool and collected and he didn't wind up getting shot.

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    I hope that your friend is the last person who gets mugged by this person, but I won't bet money on it. This isn't a "confused stupid kid" we're dealing with here. Armed robbery, even with a toy gun, is a sign of severe social malajustment. He's already 17, so there just isn't time for him to get 'straightened out'. That should have happened when he was 8, and I'm sure the warning signs were there.

    This is a sociopathic adult. Next time he'll have a real gun. I hope his next victim has one.
    Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing the matter with this, except that it ain't so.

    -Mark Twain

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