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Thread: Bushmaster AR15 Pistol??

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    I see what you're saying there, Red Hat. I'm all for having different and unusual guns to shoot. But in a practical sense, a full size AR would be a better choice in most situations, IMO.
    But everybody between 18 and 80, should have a battle rifle, enough ammo, and the skills to use it, in case of foreign invasion or domestic war. So if one doesn't allready have a battle rifle, then AR pistols are not the way to go. On the other hand Capgun, if you are allready prepared, then why not get an AR pistol.
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    Don't mind or consider the thread Hijacked because I find on this site that everyone contributes something I can learn from!
    Guess that since there are items that are hard to get and this Bushmaster was available I had considered it just because I know it would be one that would be on "The List". I do have a Stag Arms 1l. Haven't even shot it yet. By another post that may qualify me to be on my way to being a "gun nut".
    Cooter and Red Hat >> I think you have both summed it up correctly. "Have a fun gun to shoot" and "if prepared why not get an AR pistol. At this point I may still hold out for any "Black rifle" in a hand gun caliber.
    Keep the comments coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    Just to clarify a couple things, Mr. Vegas, that a Kel-Tec 223 pistol and it doesn't use an AR15 lower. It's all polymer designed for their SU series rifles. Plus you can't use an AR15 rifle lower for the AR pistol. .

    My bad, I stand corrected. Does look like it would be fun to shoot....

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