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Thread: Florida Woman Kills Son, Self at Gun Range

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    How many of these people are on some kind of medication for depression or any mind altering prescriptions that so many now pop like candy so they can "cope"?
    There have been reports that many of these kids that were involved in school shootings were on a prescribed medication and went off it shortly before they committed their terrible acts.

    I think most of the anti psycotic drugs do more harm than good and it is strange that when I was a kid children did not need drugs to keep them from being hyper active. Perhaps that is because they ate better and got more exercise.
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  3. Actually is Political Correctness and lack of parental involvement teaching children morals is what the issue is. Kids now are mostly plug and play. Turn on their toys and tune out their needs

  4. Sad story

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    LiveLeak.com - CCTV: Gun range shooter video released

    here's the video from the range. kinda graphic. she had been banned from the place. they should have known.

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    I watched the link. This is really sad on every angle. I am assuming that the range will be shut down. It's hard for me to tell if I am more attune to these types of incidents because I am now a gun owner concerned about a loss of my rights, or if they really are occuring (or being advertised) more frequently. I didn't research this myself, but a co-worker told me that last year there was only one homicide in Binghamton, New York. If that stat is true, I'm sure it won't be advertised by the media because it's too positive and not good anti-gun rhetoric for the left.

    It's a shame that there is a different set of rules for guns that are trying to be put into play. If you follow the faulty anti-gun logic, automobiles would be banned because they cause accidents! And those evil condoms.......

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    no explanation

    Wow. Just wow. Sad. F%&#ing crazy madness. A mom. Her son.
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    Watching the video, makes me sick to my stomach, as I am a mother of a 14 year old son, and I just cannot fathom how she can turn, point the weapon and pull the trigger on her own son! My next emotion then is what a fricken coward to then shoot herself, makes me wonder if somewhere in that fog shrouded mind she knew what she was doing and instead of facing the ramifications of her actions, took the cowards way out.

    My question is, if someone has a history of mental illness and a rap sheet, should they then be banned from a weapon? Should there be a more in depth background history done before anyone is allowed to buy or rent a weapon?

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    I bought my last gun there, and shoot there occasionally. And I don't think they'll shut down the facility because of this, tragic as it was. And most psychotics aren't "card-carrying" nuts. HAd this woman been well-known at the range as disturbed, no one would have rented her the gun. And with her son with her, she probably wans't acting weird before the shooting.
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