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Thread: Idaho gets an F+ grade from the Brady campaign

  1. Sounds like a great state to visit .

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    When my wife and I were looking for a state to settle in I went to the Brady Bunch website. The lower the "grade" the more desireable. We ended up in WA due to my being re-hired by a major manufacturer of airliners (you get 3 guesses who that is). WA gets a D+. I guess it's that high because of the laws against minors buying handguns. Other than that the best grade is D- on pre-emption and the rest are F. We lived in TX which got a D- for 3 years. Love that SHALL issue!! Upon returning to WA from TX my CCW was still valid and I renewed it. No machine guns, but I can't afford one anyway.
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    I Love Idaho

    It's on my short list for retirement consideration.

    About three years ago, I had a situation where someone tried to get the police to "notice" me because I carried. Fortunately, I had a rational Sheriff's Deputy involved who pointed out that if I had a permit he wasn't worried. He went on to tell the person that he only worried about people without permits carrying guns. Then he invited me to step out to my car and get my firearm (I had locked it in the trunk) even though I was standing in a Sheriff's station with a courthouse in the other end of the building. No, I don't think he was setting me up. In fact, he and a couple of other deputies said I was welcome to come back for hunting and fishing with them in western Idaho (Hells Canyon area).
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    Florida had a D but we upgraded to an F+. :D

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    Talking Keep up the good work!

    Next grading period we are all expecting you to get it "down/up" to an F, or, better yet, an F-!
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    I'm a little disappointed in TN. we got a D+

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    Well, we do have laws about juveniles possessing and buying guns. I don't have a problem with someone of any age using a gun, as long as they're supervised by an adult, of course. I'll pass on allowing juveniles to buy guns, though. I'm not entirely sure what "Child Access Law" means - it should really just be the same as unsupervised possession.

    The other stuff is total crap...counties may enact laws about background checks for private purchases at gun shows - although to my knowledge, only Miami does. This makes for a D and a D+, which IMO is double...?

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    I am pretty sure

    that the Child Access Law section refers to the requirement that the gun be secured in a safe or lockbox (the states with these requirements have regulations defining the approved devices which may also include some cable/trigger lock systems) in the gun-owners residence. Notice on the sites (and in the stores) that sell gunsafes many models are mentioned to meet certain state statutes. In several states it is another charge if there is a child-involved shooting (shooter not the victim) and leads to building a negligence case against the parent/owner/resident gun-owner residing at that home. It probably could also be used in a couple of places if the owner were stupid enough to just pull it off their belt and lay it down on a tabletop or tuck it inside a folded coat somewhere.
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