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    Costa Rica

    Anyone know where I could find out about any laws regarding carrying in CR?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beatlesfan View Post
    Anyone know where I could find out about any laws regarding carrying in CR?
    My sis and bro-in-law live there. I'll see if I can find out anything from them.
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    I bet Tom Brady knows.... NOW.

    I'd LOVE to live there. A lot of people are bugging out of this country and that's one of the hot spots.
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    Here's a little on it. They are not too gun friendly and I couldn't find much on CC.

    Inside Costa Rica

    Guatemala Passes Gun Control Law

    Guatemala - After several months of debate, the Guatemalan Congress approved the Weapon and Ammunition Control Law, considered essential to reduce violence.

    The regulation reduces to one the four licenses previously granted to each citizen to buy armaments, and they are able now to buy three weapons instead of 12, as previously established.

    It also stipulated several requirements before granting the permit, including a clean criminal record and passing psychological assessment, income certification and proof of employment.

    The legislation also set between five and 15 years of imprisonment for crimes like possession, export, import, or illegal sale of weapons and ammunitions.

    Shooting without a justified reason and parading with these devices, although they are legal, will also be punished.

    Congressional Government Commission Chair Santiago Najera considered the law progressive and a tool that will allow to the judicial system to work correctly.

    The regulation will now be presented to the Executive, which should ratify it and make it come into force.

    Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom welcomed the approval of the law and called it an important instrument to fulfill the National Security Program, which will be signed by the three state powers on April 15.
    Costa Rica, Nicaragua Daily News–The Tico Times, Arias administration pushes for tougher gun laws in Costa Rica

    This may be out dated since the laws have changed.
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    Looks like CR is a no go for guns then, thanks guys.
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  7. You can have a gun in CR as long as you jump through the hoops.
    Guatemala is a different country than CR and they have nothing to do with each other.
    I have seen private guards, employed by private developments open carry.

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