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    I was able to pick up 500 rounds of .45 acp at Sportsmans Warehouse, Blazer and 1 100 round box of WWB. On a whim, I went to Wallyworld and they had 5 100 round boxes of WWB, but they would only let me get 3 boxes. This is the first time I have seen any .45 on the shelves in over 7 months. Maybe the key was going on a Thursday. I usually only get there on the occasional weekend, as it is a 80 mile drive each way.

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    Quarterly Firearm and Ammunition Excise Taxes up 43%
    During a time period of great economic uncertainty, firearm and ammunition sales have continued to increase throughout the country.
    According to the most recent Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax Collection Report, released earlier today by the Department of the Treasury, firearm and ammunition manufacturers paid more than $109.8 million in the first calendar quarter of 2009; up 43% over the same time period reported in 2008.
    This dramatic increase follows a 31.3 percent increase in excise taxes from the previous quarter (4Q, 2008) and eight straight months of increased FBI background checks – another strong indicator of firearm sales.
    A third reliable source, the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), reported that in 2008, “Hunting and Firearms” equipment was the only category to grow double digits and only one of seven categories that exhibited growth. NSGA’s forecast for 2009 shows “Hunting and Firearms” as one of only two categories to exhibit growth.
    Manufacturers of firearms and ammunition pay a federal excise tax -- a major source of wildlife conservation funding -- on all firearms and ammunition manufactured (11% on long guns and ammunition and 10% on handguns).
    This latest excise tax report which covers the time period of January 1, 2009 through March 31, 2009, shows that $33.0 million was collected in taxes for pistols and revolvers, $38.9 million for long guns and $37.8 million for ammunition. Compared to the same quarter in 2008, collections were up 65.5% for handguns, 42.9% for ammunition and 28.3% for long guns.
    Translation to sales:
    Using the latest collections as an indicator of sales, a projection of $1.03 billion was generated in the first quarter (calendar year) of 2009. Please keep in mind that although excise taxes are one of the best indicators of industry performance, they only report what the manufacturers paid in taxes and do NOT reflect retail mark-up and final retail sales.
    Pistols and revolvers: $33,043,554.83 / .10 = $330,435,548.30 = $330.4 million for handguns
    Long guns: $38,979,972.16 / .11 = $354,363,383.27 = $354.3 million for long guns
    Ammunition: $37,846,038.52 / .11 = $344,054,895.64 = $344.0 million for ammunition
    Total estimation for the quarter: $1.028 billion

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    Things are Looking Up

    Things are looking up.
    I went to ****'s yesterday and was able to pick up 600 rounds of Active Ammo for a steel target shoot next month, and they still had more on the shelf.
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    Ammo is becoming more available in my neck of the woods in Oklahoma. Purchased a box of 250 .45 ACP for $99 at my favorite gun store last week.

    Saw .40 S&W at one of my local Wal-Marts. The nearby Bass Pro had just received a shipment of .40 and had a decent supply of 9mm and .45 ACP personal defense loads.
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    Picked up WWB 200 .38Spcl and 300 .40 S&W this weekend at Wally World. Clerk hid it for me. Good old boys still bought case loads Friday. I know these guys and they don't have jobs (economy, not laziness) . The Meth business must be booming, because that's the only way they could be coming up with the money.They are hoarding, not reselling.

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    bought a box of federal fmj 9mm yesterday at the local wally world cause that's all I had the funds for at the time. they said they got in 20 boxes or so which is still pretty rare to get in so much. I haven't seen blazer brass in stock in a little while. I was told they started getting in the federal because that's all they could get their hands on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wjh2657 View Post
    Picked up WWB 200 .38Spcl and 300 .40 S&W this weekend at Wally World. Clerk hid it for me. Good old boys still bought case loads Friday. I know these guys and they don't have jobs (economy, not laziness) . The Meth business must be booming, because that's the only way they could be coming up with the money.They are hoarding, not reselling.
    maybe they read one of any firearm related magazine that states the ammo shortage is real and no end in sight...

    or that the department of homeland security is buying up millions of rounds of retail and reloaded ammunition every month...

    or got wind of the 50 round per month bill that the republic of kalifornia has been trying to pass...

    being unemployed is not an excuse to be defenseless...

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    Still doesn't explain where the large sums of money are coming from. These are not people who were in the habit of saving money, so I don't believe they had a nest egg salted away for this situation. Meth labs are being busted every day and again it is local and white that are running them. Homeland security isn't buying the ammo here, the local boys are. I don't want to be harrassed or deprived of my 2dA rights by whacko militants anymore than I do by Socialist politicians. House break ins for guns are on the increase and it isn't minority kids being caught, it's local guys. We are rapidly developing a terrorist force here in America and it isn't Muslim, it is our neighbors.

    Any mention of Conservative political action work goes down as "giving out to the Liberals."

    Insanity has to end.

  10. It's been tough out in CA, I reload and when you get down to a 1000 round supply you better start looking. I have had the best luck on-line setting up e-mail notifications once supplies are in.

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    Wally World in my area got supplies of 45 ACP, 40 Cal, and 9MM last Friday (Metro St Louis area). Not sure how much is left.
    Alas, no 380 ACP. Went to the MACA Gunshow in St Charles. Dealers were selling the same ammo as Mao Mart for twice as much. Found some380, but it was priced sky high.

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