Ammo Shortage ?
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Thread: Ammo Shortage ?

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    Ammo Shortage ?

    My brother and I were talking Sunday and I mentioned I wanted to attend an advanced CC class on April 16th at the local gun club.
    The class requires 200 rounds of ammo, and he asked where will you get the ammo there isn't any out there.
    At work yesterday one of my co-workers said ****'s had some aultimax reloads that worked well in his Sig 45 and they came in 500 round containers.
    After work I ran out to Dicks and found they had no 9mm, 40cal, nor 45cal, the salesman said they have had an order in for a couple weeks but nothing is available.
    I left there and went to a new gun shop that opened two weeks ago, I had attended their grand opening and there shelves loaded with ammo.
    The shelves were now bare and the owner said they had tried to order but there nothing available.
    I told him I would have to start reloading, he said you can't even buy components.
    What is going on?

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    You just have to be persistent. This has been happening all over the country since the elections. I would say mail order but it's a little too late to get it in time for your class. Check out this thread:
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    Yep I'm in the same boat. I'm taking a 500 round advanced tac class at the end of next month. I also reload and it is hard to find components right now. I've already started picking up ammo as I run across it so I have enough for class.
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    I think a lot of it is because of panic buying. There are a lot more people buying more ammo.
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    Exclamation Every time I see a box of what I can use...

    I buy it. You may have to stockpile the 500 rounds you need. I buy a box here and a box there just to keep up with what I shoot. When you find suitable defensive ammo...set it aside for real world use and not for training. There is plenty of stuff with the same weight and velocity that is FMJ for training.

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    The only thing Obama and the Dems have been good for has been firearms and ammunition sales.

    Here in Montana there has been a real run on firearms, ammo and reloading components. I am kicking myself for not gradually stocking up on reloading stuff since inheriting my dad's reloading equipment 3 1/2 years ago.

    I was in the Salt Lake/Provo area last month and found lots of supplies there. Either they saw it coming and the sellers stocked up or there hasn't been a big rush like we've had.
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    It isn't just the ammo, either. There has been a real run on the pocket guns like P3AT's, LCP's and P-9's. Get the 9mm subcompacts, though, twice the power and you might find ammo... or find it for less than a buck a round like .380 is now.
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  9. I was able to buy all I want this time the small store I have to purchase at. american eagle 150 rounds for 45.00 + tax

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    People are scared. I know personaly I don't put too much faith in the NOBAMA administration to protect me and my family, thats my job. I went out and bought some stuff in fear and I am sure many others did the same thing. Here in PRMA, I see more and more females turning to firearm purchases. I happened to ask a few in my local store one day why they are buying now if they never shot before? (I did this in a nice way not blunt and jerk sounding, just too long to type the actual convo). Their response was "we may not be able to protect ourselfs under current administrations". They were scared that with the economy being so low, that people would start to turn to crime and they didn't want to be defense-less. GOD that may me so happy to hear. If I was rich, I probably would of paid for their order. Its good to see that Holder and NOBAMA can't pull the wool over everyones eyes. The brave will fight for their rights.
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    obama is what happened to the ammo supply.. he has the most anti gun administration in usa history. every time I go to wally world I check the ammo. they are out of it 90 percent of the time. but I do find some there from time to time.. and when I see it.. I buy it.
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