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Thread: Kid's first Pistol?

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    My boy is 12 also..I started him out when he was 9 with a 22 browning buckmark...he loves he shoots both my .45's like a champ...says he want a .40 cal for his bday...

    +1 on the job well done introducing him to a wholesome sport and hobby.

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    Talking Getting the Rough Rider

    Thanks all...

    Ruger Single Six's aren't as cheap as I remember so I'm getting a Heritage Rough Rider from Buds...
    Great Price... and prefer the 4 inch barrel...
    Beats everything I saw on GunsAmerica and GunBroker.

    Thanks Again!

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    Great choice!! It really is hard to go wrong with a wheelgun. They've withstood the test of time very well, and it frees your boy up to concentrate on the mechanics of shooting a handgun well, without throwing in some of the snafu's that only come with autos (FTF, stovepipe, etc.) I'm sure he will come to love the gun.

  5. I think you guys will love that Rough Rider. We have enjoyed ours. I found it interesting that Heritage put a manual safety on their Rough Rider revolvers. Happy Shooting!

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    Good choice. I got my first pistol, a Single Six, at age 10.

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