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    Don Hume or Galco

    I'm looking into getting the Galco concealed carry belt slide. I just recently saw the Don Hume belt slot open top. Which do you people think would be the best option? Better quality and the like for my Sig 239 9mm. Thanks for you opinions ahead of time.
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    Having done just a quick comparison of the 2, I prefer the Galcos. Why? The Galcos are double stitched (2 rows of stitching) vs. single stitching on the Don Hume. This makes for a stronger, longer lasting product. I can't speak from experience with either brand, though, I use a Crossbreed Supertuck.
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    Cool Like Don Hume for a Fact

    I have used Don Hume (open top inside the pants) concealed carry

    holsters for years. I carry all of my weapons in these, and love them. You

    can use and abuse them and the top never closes. You can easily

    re holster your weapon with a simple push and a twist. I have ran and

    scuffled and my weapon never came out of the holster, until I drew it out

    of my holster. I have never had any experience with Galco, so I can not

    comment on them good or bad. However, I can say Don Hume is an

    excellent product for concealed carry.
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    My galco is beautiful and I highly recommend it. It is very durable and very very well made.
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    Thanks for your replies guys. I do like that the Galco is double stitched, so plus one for Glaco.
    Sig 239 9mm
    Colt 1911 Series 70 Governement

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