TX man shoots men robbing his neighbors
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Thread: TX man shoots men robbing his neighbors

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    TX man shoots men robbing his neighbors

    I don't think this looks very good for the shooter. While I would be very upset if someone took my belongings, I don't think it would be worth killing them. Specially if it was my neighbors belongings. I really can see trying to hold them until the police arrive, but telling the police dispatcher he was going to kill them. Perhaps he felt his life was in danger, but there is no mention of this in the article (which doesn't mean it didn't happen). In reality, if so, he put himself in danger by going after them. I think he is lucky to be in TX right now.


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    In my humble opinion Mr. Horn's elevator don't quite go all the way to the top. I personally don't think it is worth killing someone over some stolen property. Now if I am being physically attacked then it becomes a different ball game. But, I wasn't there so I will wait for the courts decision.

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    I would bet these were repeat offenders and should have been taken care of by the powers to be. I feel sorry this man was so upset by this going on he had to take action. 911 was only 15 min away.Dirt nap for the bad guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDavidM View Post
    , but telling the police dispatcher he was going to kill them.
    I think this is where it gets bad. Going form preemptive to premeditated. 'We' (CCW holders ) shoot to stop the threat , we do not shoot to wound or to kill. At least if we don't want to go to jail, just IMHO.
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  6. Now the trouble starts

    I do understand the mans being upset with being told to just stand by and let the thieves walk away with thier loot, but unfortunately he is now going to have the worst couple years of his life. His own words from the 911conversation will come back to haunt him in court. He will be charged and taken to court, it is just a question of what they will charge him with being murder, or manslaughter, or something different. He will have to pay out thousand of dollars for an attorney, and even if he walks away from court with no jail time, it is still not over. The familys of the bad guys will find a money hungry attorney who will file a civil wrongful death lawsuit and the court action starts all over again. They will play up the bad guys as victims of a blood thirsty murder who was just looking for an excuse to shoot someone. He could lose everthing he has worked his whole life for if the verdict comes back against him.
    I was advised at a street survival training I attended a few years ago that if your are involved in a fatal shooting, no matter how justified, you can expect at least $10,000 in attorney fees. Not to mention the stress from jury trials and the mark of Cain. I feel certain that when it is all over in a couple years he will wish he had just stayed out of it.:(

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    What if they were illeagel allens?

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    You can't justify deadly force to prevent theft of personal property. I would not want to be in his shoes in a legal point of view.

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    Interesting. I hope we find out if they prosecute him or not. This will be the precedent in the case.

    Under state law, Texans are allowed to defend themselves with deadly force to protect their own property. The person using deadly force must believe there is no other way to protect their belongings.

    However, it is unclear whether that law extends to using deadly force to protect a neighbor's property
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    If nothing else he was guilty of opeinig his mouth when he should have kept it shut. There is an old saying, "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
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  11. Well I'm afraid Mr. Horn's bacon is now in the fire!

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