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  1. Under Desk Holster

    I know I saw one partucular one...it was ALL kydex, maybe not intended for under desk, but could be. i think it was sold as one that can be mounted in a backpak, a car, amost anywhere.

    I forgot to bookmark the site, I know I saw it somewhere, prob here.


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    looks like a universal mount
    Sure Set Holster Mounts Self Defense System
    This is a Fobus
    Fobus Universal Home And Vehicle Holster And Mount, Holsters, First Samco at Sportsman's Guide
    Held by velcro
    Under Desk Dash Holster RUGER P85 89 90 91 95 94 : Holsters / Gun Leather at GunBroker.com
    This is a safe

    there is always the option of buying kydex sheets and making your own. mock the holster up on a piece of plywood form the holster and screw it to your desk.

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    What about this:

    ZAA-105 - Fast Holster Magnetic Nonmarring Hide Weapons Speedy "Draw" Super Strong Magnet with Special Coating

    I bought a few rare-earth magnets and rigged up something similar for my remington 870. Good idea.
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    I've been by Red Hat's place, and he showed me a kydex under desk holster that he made - nice little setup. Let me just tell you - Red Hat is one talented man - He can make just about anything!
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    Funny! I just mounted a High Noon Bare Asset under my desk like an hour ago. I just stuck some velcro in the outside of the clip and my Glock 26 is sitting there nicely minding it's own business. :)

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    Most any holster can be screwed to the desk. I used a clip that was made to hold a table cloth to a picnic table. It holds a .25 auto nicely. Yes I know its only a 25 but rather than throw it in the trash I put it under the desk to get it out of my sight.

  8. Found it

    It was at one of the site sponsors! I knew I saw it somewhere! Thought I was going crazy!


    Hmmm, but now I have many more options.....


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    Yeah but $50 for that? Dang.

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    I had a Beretta stashed under my office desk for the last 14 years, before retiring in December. I never had to pull it, but stuck it here as my office partner was shot in his office ten years earlier in a hold up, and we both learned a lesson from that.

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    joesmo, what firearm are you trying to find the holster for?
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