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    I found a Glock 37 on sale for 425.00 new is that a good price?

    And can I get some opinions on the gap is it worth having, I am a 45 ACP guy and the size of the glock gap frame intrigues me, but not real sure about the gap.
    thanks all

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    Yeah, that's a good price. I would buy any Glock NIB for that price.

    I can't vouch for the 45 gap, though. Never shot one, but I hear good things. Availability could be an issue, I mean how many guns are chambered in it?
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    Buy at that price, I would thats a good price.......... as for the gap I have no clue never shot one
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    the gap is a very good round.. a lot of stopping power. have shot a buddy of mine's several times. Just like the 357 sig. very good round just very few out there.
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    Get it!

    I found a box of 250 .45 GAP hollow points (Speer) at a local Tulsa gun dealer for under $100! That is freakin' awesome.
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    I've owned a Glock 37 for two years. Originally purchased out of curiosity, i find myself carrying it often these days. Never had a problem purchasing ammo prior to the shortage at local gun ranges but not much luck at Big Box stores. Now i reload using 45 ACP dies.

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