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Thread: This weekend we lost two of our finest

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post
    The deputies didn't respond to a call at the range, the went to the range to serve the warrant.
    The perp resisted and was tazed. The deputies attempted to cuff him before the shock wore off, and he drew an unseen gun. This led to a struggle resulting in a gunshot wound to the head of one deputy and a shot in the neck of the other.

    I still don't know why the deputies didn't wait until he finished at the range, put his guns away and pulled out on the highway.
    I agree that they could have waited for a "safer" opportunity, possibly call in back up knowing that the guy was on the shooting range likely had firearms at close hand. We can "arm chair quarterback" this one to death, but the fact remains that two good officers are dead. There's a lot that can be learned from this incident.

    My prayers are with the families and colleagues of the fallen officers. I'm glad that the offender was taken out of the gene pool and cannot take another life.

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    My thought,Prayers and condolences go out to all involved and to all LEO's and their families and friends and I too am Glad the BG was taken out of the Gene Pool for good!!

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