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Thread: SCOTUS agrees to rule on gun case

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    If SCOTUS would agree that Americans have the right to carry as they wish, CCW becomes less or an issue. When I lived in AZ open carry was always an option and drew little attention. Maybe towns would adopt a 'no open carry' law requiring people to conceal their legally carried sidearm so as to calm the sheeple.

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    This case is going to deal with the ownership question only. It could help us for future cases dealing with carry. To have SCOTUS agree with 2A would be a huge step.

    Getting SCOTUS to deal with a CCW case would be a uphill battle. If they were to look at the spirit it was written in at that time, we would lose. After all, back then only "Cowards" carried concealed. That can be easly proven by any historian.


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    "any gun kept at home must be unloaded and disassembled or bound by a lock, such as one that prevents the trigger from operating."

    Might as well remove all locks from the doors and windows and put out a Welcome mat...I just HATE stupid laws!
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