What do you fear most?
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Thread: What do you fear most?

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    What do you fear most?

    I was in a class for CHL instructors a couple of months back. During the class the trooper from the Department of Public Safet that was teaching the class asked a question. He wanted to know what we feared the most. He said that his biggest fear was the active shooter. The kind of person that walks into a mall, church, school etc. armed to the teeth not carring if he is killed or not with the intent to kill as many people as he could. The trooper said that we should consider ahead of time what and how we would react to that situation. Thinking about this I wonder what each of us on this site worry about encountering and how do you prepare for it.
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    At one time my church had security team that trained for this happening. All team men . would place themselfs at all doors with radio comm.for each member. We played out different seneros and patroled the parking lot for anything. New pastor didn't care about this group and did away with it. He will let the 1or 2 cops in the service take care of it. Funny thing was the cops were on the team with us. Church did not want ccw people protecting them. I will protect my family .

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    Carjackers and armed holdups....that's the brunt of the crime here in Memphis.
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  5. I fear that my family will physically be put in harm's way and I will be unable to deal with it.
    We deal with it with my ccw and prayer, ensuring that my wife can handle and our son learns to respect the firearms that we own.

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    That Hillary and the Dumbocrats take over Washington DC (even more than they have).

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    Agree with a lot already posted.

    1 - Anti 2a in powerful places

    2 - Letting my guard down to get taken by surprise. (Awareness is something I REALLY need to practice)

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    My BIGGEST fear/concern is driving down a country road and comming up on a BIG Black Angus bull in the middle of the road! As for an armed conflict, a shooter in a resturant, like the Lubbys shoot out in TX or a mall food court
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    Going to NY unarmed to visit family.


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    Getting between my mother in law and an all you can eat buffet when she`s hungry?:D.Actually the thought of someone going on a rampage at any school my children attend.

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    Mine is the restaurant scenario also. I try to stay away from restaurants that serve alcohol, however sometimes I have to go to one. My fear is that something goes down and my weapon is safely locked up in my vehicle. It's a law that makes no sense and should be stricken nationwide!
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