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  • rifle

    88 27.50%
  • shotgun

    74 23.13%
  • pistol

    156 48.75%
  • sharp pointy stick

    2 0.63%
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Thread: If you could only have one gun...

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    I am tempted to say rifle but I can not carry one in the store, to the mall, the movie theater, into my church etc. So I guess I will have to say pistol.
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    As usual, not enough info for a good decision, but that always seems to be the case.

    For an urban, life as it currently exists situation, I would go with the pistol due to concealment, home defense and all-round portable defensive considerations.

    If we are talking SHTF or zombie scenarios then I go with the .308 in an AR configuration. Defense, offense and hunting all rolled into one.
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    A rifle if I have to start carrying a guitar case with me every where so be it. As it is there is one in the trunk now 24/7. With another by the bed along with the shottie and XD on the night stand. A pistol is only to be used until you can get your long gun
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  5. If conditions came down to having only one firearm, concealability will not be an issue. Portability, quickness, yes, and if it could be concealed, fine, but not as the primary characteristic.

    Power, accuracy, and the ability to reach out and keep distance are the key factors. Neither a shotgun nor a handgun can do that as effectively as a rifle.

    A rifle can do close quarters duty also, and penetrate barriers.

    A folding stock and a 18"-20" barrel, reliable, low maintenance, magazine fed semi-auto is the all-around single weapon. When our troops use something else, it is for special purposes, not all-around use. Make mine an AKM, 7.62x39.

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    Though I would prefer a gun...

    a sharp pointy stick does have it's merrits.It's effective,and it's quiet.

    Give everybody guns.
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    I think I would have to clarify my position. It it was in urban environments i would stay with my glock 23. However, in the event of a zombie apocalypse my weapon of choice would be an M4. Short barrel for close quarters use with the ability to reach out using the 5.56 round. And of course a Cricket bat on my back, psh who needs a pointy stick haha.
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  8. My trusy AMD65 SBR. Although not incredibly accurate (as AK platforms go), it is very reliable, short, good in close quarters, and failry good up to 150yds. And, once the shooting starts, if not hit by a round, the muzzle flashes will care sh..tless anyone left down range.

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    I chose rifle, but was torn. I almost voted pistol, but if I'm limited to one only, I'd have to go for one of my AK-47's. The AK comes closest to an "all-purpose" gun IMHO.
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  10. it you could have only one gun

    Glock 19

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    Shotgun: best all around for hunting and home defense. Sure you'd lose concealment, but the ammo is cheaper and you can do more with it.
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