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  • rifle

    88 27.50%
  • shotgun

    74 23.13%
  • pistol

    156 48.75%
  • sharp pointy stick

    2 0.63%
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Thread: If you could only have one gun...

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    One gun and many purposes? My first thought was for a combination weapon, like a drilling. I have seen European triple barreled weapons with three different bores. Small bore rifle, large bore rifle and shotgun would be a great choice. Most people have never seen this sort of weapon, so I voted for a pistol. I have a .22 cal kit for my 1911, along with the stock .45 acp. Other calibers could be worked into the area of operation. Fashion a rifle type stock that either attached to the pistol, or worked in concert with the shooter to stabilize the weapon and range is increased.

    Shot gun ammo is to large and bulky and shotguns are hard to hide or concel.

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    Bullpup. If I really needed to (if SHTF) I could come up with a way to conceal it.
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    situation dependent

    Right now? a pistol for the concealability.
    TEOTWAWKI? a rifle. 20" AR

    But it's for the all-around utility that I voted for the shotgun and I'm surprised that it's currently only 29% of the total votes. Defense, hunting are covered. If you could conceal it or OC legally!! it would be the best all around.
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    If it came down to only one gun (I really hope it doesn't) it would probably be something like the following:

    Remington Model SPR94 Shotgun/Rifle Combo Specifications

    I would get the 12 gauge/ .223 version.

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    Good question! Thought I would take the pistol. My HK USP compact .40 but then thought about my CX4. Almost forgot about it. Probably because I haven't shot it yet. That should happen tomorrow!

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    I think a pump action shotgun is clearly the best choice.

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    If the scenario proposed of only one gun were put into law, that would undoubtedly mean that concealed carry would have been outlawed. That leaves a gun for home defense primarily and the best for all members of the family, who may not be the best of shots, would be the shotgun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceicei View Post
    fighting sticks, swords, and knives).

    - Ceicei
    Now we know who voted "Sharp pointy stick", LOL.
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    Pistol, because if need be I could use it to get to other guns.

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