If you could only have one gun...

View Poll Results: if you could only have 1 gun what would it be

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  • rifle

    88 27.50%
  • shotgun

    74 23.13%
  • pistol

    156 48.75%
  • sharp pointy stick

    2 0.63%
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Thread: If you could only have one gun...

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    If you could only have one gun...

    What would it be?????

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    Only a pistol can easily become inconspicuous.
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    I was thinking shotgun for versatility. Survival: birdshot for small game, buckshot/slugs for deer/BG.

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    I voted for a pistol. I can convert one into a rifle if needed like my 1911 barrel and stock kit. Best of both worlds.
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    It would be a 22 rifle

    My Gram Pap bought me a Marlin 22 rifle when I was 5 years old, I wasn't allowed to take it out by myself untill I was 10, and that was 51 years ago.

    I would do any small job in our area, put up hay, mow yards just to get enough money to walk up to our little community store and buy a 500 round box of shells for target practice.

    I have no idea how many thousands of rounds have gone down it's barrel.

    Since than I have used it to put down many beef, hogs, and sheep all with a single shot.

    I have hunted Rabbits, groundhogs, and other small game.

    I still have that 22 rifle and when I need something that I am sure will do the job with one well placed shot it is the one I grab.

    Yesterday there was a button buck that had its back leg caught in the hi tensil woven fence and both back legs were broken and I didn't want to get too close and cause it to strugle any more than it was.

    I had my 9mm with me so that is what I used, but I was wishing I had my 22 rifle this animal had suffered long enough.

    I guess the way I look at it my 9mm will do the job if it has too because that is what I have with me, but if I had 5 men comming after me with pistols and they were out 100 yards, I would rather have my 22 rifle with an 8 round loaded mag. than my 19 round 9mm.

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    Pistol....I can conceal it, carry it, hide it.
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    Glock 23
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    I have to go with a rifle. Probably in .308. An M1A, Cetme, DPMS, or the like. It is good for rapid defense, it can take just about any game found in the US. It can do anything you need it to. Shotgun is close, but long range cancels it out. Same thing with a handgun, long range problem for your stand alone weapon.

    Just my opinion, I am sure there are 100 different positions on this question.
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    I'd rather keep all of my firearms (rifles, shotguns, pistols, even my other defense tools such as my fighting sticks, swords, and knives). Why make me choose just one? With that said, at least with my pistol, I can carry it legally with me wherever I go.

    If in the worse-case scenario that everything by legislation becomes banned, then I will voluntarily become a criminal with owning and/or carrying something as a tool of defense (family and self) and a means to feed my family.

    - Ceicei

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