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Thread: Handgun lost in mail. Or - USPS follies!

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    Actually, to console myself from the Taurus mess, I bought a Kimber Raptor Pro II the other day. It seems like a nice little 4" 1911, although I'm sure the Taurus will be of decent quality too. Seems like they (Taurus) started by making S&W clones many years ago, but eventually started cloning everyone's stuff, and did a pretty good job of it. I have a few Tauruses (Taurusai?) in the safe and have been quite pleased with them.

  3. So you from Sequim huh? where do you shoot?

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    Usually I just plink at "The Pit" down on Fish Hatchery Road. But I have fired at Drykes and a couple of places in Jefferson County. Left some lead at The Pit just this morning.

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    Gun finally surfaced today in Idaho, back at the Dealer of origin! He is shipping it back to my Dealer (a different one this time) via USPS again, so we'll see if it shows up this time. Meanwhile, it has done a lot of traveling in the past 12 days and probably has some good stories to tell.

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    The Taurus FINALLY arrived today and I picked it up at the Dealer's, only to discover that the magazine will not drop free!! Closer examination shows that the studs which hold the little spring-pin holder on the left side (at the top of the grip) were not flatted completely and are protruding into the magazine well. Damn. Instead of sending my gun off to explore the world again, I will probably try to fix the thing myself and will hope I don't just make things worse. Quality control took a hit on this one.

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