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    If you want a 45 and have a small hand, the GAP makes sense. If you like a 45 and have a hand like a gorilla, then a double-stack 45 ACP makes sense.
    Most of use like the grip size, trigger reach, power and ammo availability of the ACP.

    But the GAP's ammo availability is the only real issue because of cost and with the present ammo shortages and production demands, it will be hard to find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 762DM View Post
    I have 2K rounds in my case and around here you CANNOT find ACP ammo (or 9mm) but you can get GAP. The reason I made that point is that most people I run into don't like it because it isn't an ACP, it was never intended to be. What it is is a modern round that can replicate ACP performance in a smaller envelope. Then again maybe I'm not as cultured as some.

    Don't get me wrong. I didn't say the GAP Cartridge didn't work or was not a decent round. Some don't like it because when it comes to bullet weights, the GAP doesn't quite measure up to the 45ACP. It's close, but no cigar! Also, when I worked in a Gun Shop, we stocked a "few" boxes of Gold Dot JHP loads and a "few" boxes of FMJ. Mainly because our State Park Rangers carried the Glock in the GAP. But they usually sat there on the shelf, until a Park Ranger came in and bought every box we had. The Gun and Ammo Distributors we bought from, would yawn when you ordered GAP ammo, and sometimes they had none or would not stock it, because it sat there in their warehouses.

    NOW, as for the use of the cartridge, I would not hesitate to use the GAP in self defense. I believe it is so close to the ACP in some loads and that the difference would be so little that I'm sure the bad guy would not be able to tell the difference. Certainly, some thug monkey that gets shot with one, will not turn and laugh at you and say, "you shoulda used an 45 ACP. My point is, in my neck of the woods, you can't find a reliable source for ammo. And if the fecal matter ever hits the air circulation device, you won't find any of it here. Unless you Jack Up a Park Ranger.
    My suggestion is, if you own one, then stock up, and I mean really stock up. I mean like CASES stock up. Or you will be holding an expensive CLUB in your hand. It's not getting any more popular right now, and when the ammo guys aren't selling it, they will stop producing it or stocking it
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