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I must totally disagree for a couple reasons. First of all - much of the article you provided a link for is old info, at least much of it is. The popularity of the 10mm has increased dramatically since the time the article you referred to was written.

Regarding the gun itself. If I were to only own one handgun it would be the 10mm. The available loads are so plentiful - you can load it with light loads and you are basically shooting a .40 cal pistol (power wise) or load it with the hotter stuff like DoubleTap, Corbon and other and you have close to magnum power. I read that in Alaska one police force carry the 10mm as it is effective against polar bear.

My Point? Why not have a gun that can do it all? That line about ammo availability? B.S. Some Wal-Marts even carry it. Even now with this ammo shortage. But I prefer to buy ammo online in bulk. Given that, you can get 10mm from hundreds of online sellers.

Most rumors about the 10mm being a dead round is derived from out-dated articles that are being quoted as if it it is recent news and statistics.

I also own a .45 (Glock 30) and it is a great manstopper too. But don't discredit the 10mm based on outdated info - and especially if you have never owned one or at least shot several rounds of 10mm in different power loads.

Again, if I was to own only one pistol it would be the 10mm because it can do it all.
First of all welcome to the forum. I must disagree on a couple points. Don't get me wrong the 10mm has a place and if I find one at the right price I'm going to buy one. I've seen a few Glock 29's in pawn shops but I refuse to buy another Glock. That's another story though. I'd like to find a KORTH 10mm revolver. I haven't seen the popularity gain in the last few years with the 10mm and no new firearms that I know of have been released in some time. Ammo is not readily available like other popular calibers are. It's around but you have to look for it. When given a choice between the 10mm, 45acp or 40 cal most will choose the 45 acp or the 40 cal. Now for hunting you couldn't ask for a better backup or primary firearm. Time will only tell if the 10mm makes it. I hope it does! We will have to agree to disagree on this subject. Again Welcome!