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    355 super ???

    I have reloaded for years now and the other day I was picking up brass when I found somthing strange. I found several brass that said 355 Super. When compared to a 9mm It is identical in size.
    When I got home I couldn't help myself so I wipped out my micrometer to check . what I found was such a small differance it was unnoticeable. Have any of you guys heard of this cartrage ? What I think happend is IPSC said you cant load a 9mm to make major so they took a 9mm case and changed the name!

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    It's a high powered 9mm, that is not as long as the 38 Super, so it will still fit in the 9mm / 40 cal size guns. The 355 Super was designed to be a potent 9mm that easily makes the "Major Caliber Power Factor" in modern combat shooting (IPSC) competition, without loading the 9mm to dangerous pressure levels. The 9mm shoots a .355" diameter bullet like the 38 Super. Due to its' overall length, the 38 Super has to be put into a larger gun like the full size 1911, the Sig P220 (actually was once made in 38 super), or if Glock had a 38 Super, it would probably be the Glock 21.
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