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    In Oklahoma you cannot assist (with a CCL) unless you can articulate that your life or your families lives are in danger.

    As a LEO I can assist, but as a CCL I cannot.

    The exception to this is that if you are temporarily deputized by a sworn LEO.

    If it was an actual cop you might be able to assist though, there is a clause about that somewhere. I will try to find it. But, even then the officer might just see you as another tango with a gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rforgy View Post
    the description leaves a lot to be desired, like were they white, black, brown, green, what color hair etc.

    Sounds like it was planned in advance, stole car knew to shoot in head not vest etc.
    Robbery/murder suspects are black males. Wal-Mart security cameras got some pretty good pictures.

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    Here's the latest.....

    4 Arrested in Killing of Washington Armored Car Guard

    Posted: Thursday, June 4, 2009
    Updated: June 4th, 2009 09:27 AM GMT-05:00

    The Associated Press

    LAKEWOOD, Wash. --

    Four people have been arrested in the "cold-blooded" slaying of an armored car guard as he carried a money bag out of a Wal-Mart, police said Wednesday. One suspect was a Wal-Mart employee on duty during the robbery.

    A man believed to be the gunman and another man were arrested Wednesday, Lakewood police Lt. Heidi Hoffman said. Two earlier arrests include the suspected getaway driver and a woman who was working at the Wal-Mart during the robbery Tuesday afternoon, she told a news conference.

    All four were arrested for investigation of homicide, robbery and assault. Police did not identify them but said more arrests were possible.

    Loomis security guard Kurt Husted was shot in the head while leaving an Anchor Bank branch inside the Wal-Mart in this south Tacoma suburb. The same bullet also wounded a customer.

    Hoffman said surveillance video of the robbery makes it clear the shooter made no attempt to take the money without violence.

    "They just walked up and executed him," she said. "It was very violent, very cold-blooded."

    Police recovered about two-thirds of the money that was taken along with a handgun that is being tested. Hoffman wouldn't specify the amount.

    The male customer wounded in the shooting told KIRO-TV he was with his 15-month-old son when he heard the shot and felt a bullet strike him.

    "It was just straight cold," Wilbert Pina said of the killing. "They didn't give the guy a chance. They shot him, the bullet went through him, smacked me in the shoulder."

    A Wal-Mart spokesman declined to comment on an employee's alleged involvement.

    "Obviously, it's a senseless act of violence," said spokesman Greg Rossiter in a telephone interview from Bentonville, Ark. "Our condolences go out to the guard's family."

    The 39-year-old Husted had worked 16 years for Houston-based Loomis, and was wearing a bulletproof vest, company spokesman Pat Flaherty said.

    "We mourn deeply the loss of Kurt Husted," his family said in a statement released to KING5-TV. "He was a wonderful, caring person whom we loved deeply and will miss forever."

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    [QUOTE=S&WM&P40;79757]That's vary sad and i feel sorry for everyone involved. But i have to ask How are the guards in other members states? I ask because the guards from Loomis that pick up the money here at the super center walmart in my town. Walk around with not no clue as to whats going on around them. They never look behind them or even around them to see who is around and if something may be out of place. On top of that they are the most unprofessional looking armored car guards i have ever seen. It's like they have no dress code or if they do they do not follow it. One guy never has his hair looking neat it's more of a free style look ( like wake up and just go to work look). Then his shirt is never in his pants it's always half in half out.They never have vasts on and if they do it' over their uniform. Then walking out of the store the one guard carrying the money is even more numb to whats going on around him. Then the guy in the truck is always looking the other way when he comes out so he would be no help if someone was behind the guy. But again maybe this is just in my area. As for what i would do if this happened when i as at the store. I really do not know what i would do to tell you the truth. It's not like it's a mass killing going on and people are going to die whole sale. I would have to think about the facts, How many people are around/maybe in the line of fire of my rounds and his, Whats the back stop? Is my family safe and in side the store so they will not get hit? If all the things above looked good, I have a good back stop for my bullets to hit and not kill anyone, If i can get him into a spot in the parking lot with out a lot of people around. Then i may try and stop him i SAY MAY. Because I'M not rambo and I'm not a rent a cop and even more people may get hurt or killed in a gun fight with the robber. Now if your asking if i saw the robber raising up his gun to the guards head about to shoot then i would step in and end it before anyone gets killed. Again my job as a sheep dog is to keep the sheep safe not endanger them by being some cowboy and starting a gun fight in the middle of a packed store. But this is just me I"m sure the rest of you would do it your way.[/QUOTE

    Sorry to hear your guard has such a unproffesional look to him/her. I'm NOT trying to be rude here, but.... Try jumping in and out of a vehicle carrying 50+lbs or pushing several hundred lbs. on a cart all day long and see how long it takes for your hair/clothes to get messed up. Those trucks have the worst air conditioning possible, it's like being in a hot box just melting in your uniform. If you wear a vest, it's MUCH worse! They trap the heat in, and you sweat 10 times worse! We usually start the day off looking quite professional (I do at least), but my midday on a hot day, you kinda look like you fell outta the truck and it ran you over a couple times! About them not looking around, that is just stupid on their part. I try to always look at every person I pass, and constantly look behind me. Kinda weird cause I do that when I'm not working too now, just habit I guess. Sounds like your guys need to come down to our branch and get some training. We have a couple idiots that I work with that just look at the ground all day and drag their bag along....I'm sure they'll get robbed one of these days, and that's just sad cause we were all trained better than that. You could call the local branch of your armored guy and tell them about his/her appearance, and how they don't seem to look around, driver is not paying attention....management will hopefully talk to them before we have another tragedy in our company. Let me just say this, our job is VERY difficult, we dont' get paid much more then you, and we have A LOT of people on the street harrasing us everyday, yet every time we get out of that truck we have to assume someone might have a gun pointed at us, so be kind to your messenger and hopefully he/she will be good to you!

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