Differences between handgun primers and tips on reloading
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Thread: Differences between handgun primers and tips on reloading

  1. Differences between handgun primers and tips on reloading

    I'm very interested in getting started reloading (carry a 9mm right now, about to buy a .40-cal) and want to get a jump-start by stocking up on primers of calibers I don't have yet but intend to buy, and I'm noticing all kinds of different varieties that look like a foreign language. For example, I came across Remington Large Pistol Primers Type 2-1/2--what's a Type 2-1/2?? I realize primers have gone up quite a bit in price over the past year or so and that I might be getting into the game kind of late (only had a handgun for about 10 months) but I want to get moving on reloading supplies while they're not exorbitantly priced. Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated.

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    A good site to get reloading info is jeffersonian.therealgunguys.com at the bottom of the page click on reloading info he describes what he recommends and has links to pages that show step by step reloading different cartages may not answer specific question about primers but real helpful if you are going to get into reloading
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    In your case there is really only large and small pistol primers. You don't have to worry about anything else. You don't need or want magnum primers unless you have large magnum pistol (like a 454 or a 50 ). When I loaded for automatic pistols that I shot I got very tired of finding and picking up my empties. Now I just load for my revolvers not my autos.

  5. In terms of primer types, which calibers would be considered large-pistol and which ones would be small-pistol?

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    Small for 380--9mm--38/357
    Large for 45ACP
    I don't load 40 so I'm not sure what size for those

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    Small pistol for .40.
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