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Thread: If you could only have 1 pistol, what would it be?

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    Have to be my g23

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    My Sig P229 Equinox in .40 S&W. My XDm-40 would be a close second.
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    History has proven for 98 years the 1911 is a formidable weapon.

    I'll take my Dan Wesson Valor any day over a Glock

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    I hate these what if you could only have "1" questions. Makes me crazy. I love the 1911's and have my favorites, I love the 45 ACP as my favorite defense cartridge. But as far as ONE GUN, it would have to be powerful enough for defense, large enough to shoot comfortably, be able to serve as a service type pistol for open carry, and small enough for concealed carry in all weather, and have a magazine capacity to handle ALL situations. If it comes down to your ONE DAMN GUN QUESTION, I'd say the Glock 19 or Glock 30. No wait..... Maybe a Colt Commander or Kimber CDP 4", or a, aw hell........:
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    I suppose another question is:

    Does anyone else have a firearm?

    In that case I'll take a .22 or a .25

  7. S&W double action 45 cal. Any variant.
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    wolfhunter Guest

  9. Glock 19

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    H&k usp .40
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    Only one gun

    I would have to have something concealable, not just concealable but easy to carry.
    If I'm wearing sweat shorts (or had to carry with no jacket and a tucked in shirt) can I carry it in a Smartcarry?
    Must have acceptable capacity (subjective) and stopping power.
    Night sights are required.

    Glock 27 or Springfield XD 40 subcompact: 9 + 1 of 40 S&W in a concealable, user friendly package.

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