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Thread: What's the best pocket carry capable revolver

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin mosley View Post
    I apologize to all readers of this thread!

    I looked at the thread title on a portable device that cut off part of the title, I missed the "REVOLVER" part completely, and I posted babbling about my favorite pocket autos.

    Sorry for being a blockhead!

    If that is the worst mistake you ever make you will be o.k.
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    Furger LCR with CT grips...great carry gun

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    I have a smith and wesson 442 with a crimson trace grip on it. It is almost perfect for a daily carry piece. I alst have a pocketholser from it (good leather one not a cheap one).

    Another trick is to buy a small cell phone holder from lowes (its almost solid and very small) it will hold two speedloaders stacked one on top of the other. Just put it on your belt and nobody will think anything is out of place.

    Hope this helps.

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    The best pocket carry revolver? That is like asking which one do you prefer; Ginger, or Mary Ann. Coke, or pepsi. Ford, or Chevy. Personally, I like MaryAnn drinking a coke driving a benz.

    The very lightweight s&w's look great. I wouldn't want to shoot a +p, or .357. OUCH. The lighter the pistol, the more the felt recoil. The smart guys will tell you why.

    The lightweight s&w's might do the job. +p .38 in a 442 does hurt some, but in a DGU situation, you won't even notice. s&w 442 comes to mind. No hammer to get in the way.

    I don't know about the Taurus revolver. My wife owns a pink auto. Great paperweight IMO.

    I personally carry a Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 special. It works just fine. I use corbon 165 jhp's. I don't practice with it as much as I should. The price of ammo is terrible.

    Put your pistol in a holster. Don't pocket carry without one. You wouldn't put your "gun" in a strange hole without a glove on would ya?

    Training and practice are a very good idea. Clean your carry pistol monthly. More often if exposed to moisture.

    A pet peeve of mine. There are people out there who qualify for the ccw, then never squeeze a trigger for five more years.

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