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    I agree with everything already said
    only thing I would add is to take her to range and bring some female shooters
    it would make her more comfortable, and there will be female shooter's guns that
    she can try out

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    I own a pt140 pro real good gun for me so far have about 3500 rounds with no malfuctions of the firearm have had some bad primers in some range ammo over all i really like the gun also i have a xd45c tactial and berreta m92 but carry my taurus most of the time

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    ]It all depends on her training or willingness to train. When I was a LEO/ Firearms Instructor, our Dept sponsored "Handgun Classes for Women", in response to women arming themselves, but not knowing how to handle a firearm. They would show up for class with everything from Raven 25 Auto's to Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mags with 10" barrels. Bubba would buy his wife a cannon or a ladies gun.

    Many would show up with 9mm or 40 autos of various makes and models, some with revolvers. Most knew they would never be able to shoot the semi-auto in a REAL-LIFE situation if they needed to. They had no confidence with them because they got minimal training and the pistol was too difficult to understand with a little training, much less under stress in a shooting for defense. Have her do a rapid malfunction clearance drill and see what happens. Now have her do it after she's run for 2 blocks and rolled around on the sidewalk being attacked, or locked in a bedroom with her daughter and a telephone. Keep it simple. Point, pull trigger, BANG! No safety levers, mags to bump into place, you get the drift.

    Out of all of the guns they brought to class, and several that I provided for use in class, they always came back to two guns and they were both revolvers. They loved the K Frame S&W's like the model 66, model 10, 65 or 15. And the J frames like the model 60 or 36, and some liked the Airweights because they carried them and they were lighter. Remember many women make better beginning shooters and students, because they don't have to maintain the mocho man image, and having to appear that they already know about guns. They will learn if taught properly. I've trained over a thousand women in the basics and with alot of range time. The only thing I can tell you for certain is this. KEEP IT SIMPLE, KEEP THE RECOIL COMFORTABLE, USE EAR PLUGS OR MUFFS, KEEP THE RANGE CLOSE TO START WITH AND BUILD CONFIDENCE.

    They like simple, because it doesn't overwhelm them with too much information in something as "scary" as a firearm. They can handle recoil, but not much to start. Most defensive shootings occur within 10-12 feet. Start there. Teach them to aim, but also teach them to point shoot at close range. She's not a damn sniper. Many have trouble pulling the slide to the rear with proper force. How is she going to do that to clear a malfunction? The cylinder of a revolver is easily opened to see if it is loaded or unloaded and to load or unload. They like that. It's comfortable and easy. As a first gun for the house, a 4 inch barreled 38 or 357 mag is great. It's easy to shoot and hit with, and the recoil is not as severe.

    For carry, a 5 shot J-Frame snubby. If it's too heavy or bulky, THEY WILL NOT CARRY IT. EVEN IN THEIR PURSE. They complain about the weight on their sholder strap, or the bulge in their waistband, etc. If they must carry in a purse, get a holster that will hold the gun upright and easily accessed or let her pick out a concealed carry purse. Teach her that when she's walking through a dark parking lot, keep the gun in her hand in the purse. If a Thug Monkey tries to snatch the purse, he pulls the purse off of the gun, and it stays in her hand. Trust me, I know this. Women dress differently than you do, and don't tell them to re-think their wardrobe and their appearance. It ain't gonna happen. At least not drastically. You have to adapt to their world, because they've been taught how to dress from a child and there are standards they are going to have, when it comes to girl things. Trust me, I know this.

    So get her a couple of revolvers and some light loads and heavier defense loads and get to work. She will understand the differrence in the lightweight gun and heavier gun at the range. If she wants later, she can work into a semi-auto, once she develops the understanding of the way things work with guns. I can't tell you how many damn cops I've seen, telling a first time buyer woman, don't buy that revolver, revolvers are antique peices of *****! Here get this Super Duper Tactical Operator 40 with Night Sights and a Combat Light with the camo finish, because that's what he carries after graduating an Academy and working the street for 5 years. Or Bubba telling his wife, just shoot this here 44 magnet in their general direction. You don't even have to aim it or hit him. He won't hang around for the second shot. Or Biff the yuppie telling his wife," here honey, here's a "Micro Baby 25". It's a ladies gun. I shoot a 45, but this is all YOU need for your protection. Yeah, after all, you are so much more of a target than she is, right? LAST BUT NOT LEAST, get her away from the "Movie Mentality". It don't work like TV. Make sure she understands that.
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    By the way, safety is a key issue. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILAR WITH ANY FIREARM, DO NOT HANDLE IT.Until you recieve proper instruction. Becuse if you have a situation that may require attention to detail, you may end up in hot water your self. Safety first. Also keep a cell phone charged and by the bed. This is a great idea, for the fact that if some one cuts the land lines to your home phone, you can call for help. Also make sure to let the cops know were you are at in your home. Stay there, and be sure that you tell 911 you are armed. This will give the responding officers vital information that is needed to ensure your safety and theirs also.

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