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Thread: Kentucky Pastor tells flock, "Piece be with you"

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    Quote Originally Posted by concealedcarrie View Post
    I question whether churches are appropriate forums for a focus on guns per se, because as I see it that sort of "partnership" so to speak can become political very quickly. And we all know that there's no political consensus on either religion or guns (although the First and Second Amendments need to be as strong as possible). It would certainly be appropriate to have forums on protecting one's family during uncertain times, but guns in the church (at least advertised as being there) are a little much. I think pastors should be allowed to carry in the pulpit if they worry about their personal safety, but I don't think a service centered around guns and gun use is appropriate in a church. And for the record, I'm a heat-packing evangelical minister (although I don't carry at church).
    Sure, after all, Churches are totally immune to Gunfire and Killings of innocent people nowadays, Right? Mine goes to church with me. It has nothing to do with my faith. It has nothing to do with my Pastors "feelings" or pacifism. And sorry, but to simply stand there and die and/ or watch my wife be killed, over a no CCW policy in church is just not worth my attendance there. It has everything to do with psycos comming into churches with AK's and eliminating the congregation and pastor, because they broke up with their girlfriend and lost their job. Or because the pastor said something at a rally, that they didn't like. Besides, the pastor is usually not "gun savy" enough to protect me in the pew. That includes YOU. YOU cannot guarantee my safety, armed or not. If the Pastor objects and refuses to allow me to carry a concealed handgun, I will find another house of worship and my tithe will go there too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2beararms View Post
    I dropped the Pastor the following email:

    Dear Pastor Pagano,

    It was reported that your church is having a "bring your gun to church" day on Sat June 27. It was also reported that all guns must be unloaded and that private security will be present to assure that. Additionally you are quoted as having said, "Firearms can be evil and they can be useful..."

    Please Pastor Pagano, as a firm supporter of the right to bear arms, and a permitted carrier of a concealed firearm it is of most importance that the right of self defense be portrayed in the manner of responsibility and respect that it deserves. First of all, firearms are never evil, unless you believe that objects can be evil which would counter nearly all religion. Certainly evil people have used firearms in malicious ways, however, it is the person that may be evil not the firearm. The often heard statement ... guns don't kill people, people kill people is a true statement. No gun has ever "risen up and killed" anyone, it has always been in the hands of an irresponsible person.


    I was influenced to write this email today because the news article was re-posted on a discussion board of supporters of the right to self defense. I welcome you to come join the board and see the responsible dialog that goes on between those who have taken it upon themselves to protect themselves and others by obtaining the responsible level of training and legal permitting to fully understand the usage of firearms in the defensive stance of todays world. I hope you too will understand even more.

    Thank you for your time.
    Well said! May I quote you and send the same email?

  4. I sent the pastor a similar email and got a reply from him that concealed permit holders who were carrying concealed would not be disarmed or asked to unload their concealed firearms.

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    Anyone who advocated "Open Carry" of an unloaded gun in public is a total IDIOT in my opinion and NO WAY would I ever consider him as a spiritual leader. I'm an advocate of Concealed Carry, but if open carry is legal and that's what you want to do, I would never tell you not to. Carrying an unloaded gun for display only is INSANE

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