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Thread: Carry Without Holster?

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    A thin pocket holster will protect the trigger, doesn't cost much and cuts down on printing. Use it.

    Oh, it keeps most of the dust bunnies out of your weapon too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCorps53 View Post
    I carry in a pocket inside my leather vest when I ride. However, the pocket is specifically designed for concealed carry and I put nothing but my gun in that pocket.
    I prob have the same vest. I carry a 1911 in one pocket and ruger sp101 in the other.
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  4. Better check you laws here in Ohio you must have the gun in a holster even if you pocket carry. It is just good idea to use a holster as it will cover the trigger and eliminate the possibility of AD.
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    I am a firm believer that a firearm should be in some sort of holster even if its pocket carry. Like many of you said here, at least something that covers the trigger. ADs are not a fun situation to be in.
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  6. The only guns I carry not in a holster are my j-frame, P3AT and PM9 that fit in the front pocket of my cargo shorts. Otherwise, always in a holster. A police officer once told me that if he sees a gun in a holster, he is initially inclined to believe the carrier is doing so lawfully. Conversely, he said, a gun tucked into the waistband with no holster raises his suspicions. Go figure, but that's what he said.

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    Holster or not?

    In Georgia, the law requires a holster. Be sure you know in your jurisdiction!
    I've got a Keltec p32 with no safety. If I were to bump something (like a tree branch in the woods poking me in the thigh) I might be mighty sorry I didn't have a holster! Another guy mentioned keys. I've definitely heard that somebody shot themself taking keys out of their pocket, key tangled in trigger. Play it safe. THere is no such thing as an accidental discharge, only a negligent discharge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comp_sH00tEr24 View Post
    I personally wouldnt ever carry without some kind of holster which covers the trigger frame. My fiance has a messanger bag with a "secret pocket" designed for a pistol, so no holster needed there. There are those Clip-Carry things that go on the pistol so a holster is not needed, but Ive never known anyone who uses them.
    I have a friend at work that carries a Glock that way, but he's scared to carry it chambered due to the fact that he's heard about ADs happening that way. I told him to wear a holster, but his excuse is that its easier to CC his Glock with the little clip

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    I carry my LCP in my front pants pocket with no holster in shorts or dress pants when I don't want to carry my .45. No issues.

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    One of my P3AT's is in my pocket every day. I work with wildlife and my job is very physical. I would not even consider carrying in my pocket with out having the trigger covered in a holster. I use the Uncle Mikes or a De Santis.

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    Never, ever carry a weapon without a holster or bare minimum a clip draw.

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