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    I will Mexican carry occasionally if I am running out to my car or something, but other than that it is always in a holster.
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  3. During the warmer months I tend to just slip my gun in-between my belt and shorts and have an undershirt tucked and a t shirt untucked over it. I'm not concerned about it getting caught on anything because even if I forgot to put the safety on when my usp 9mm is de-cocked it takes 11.5 lbs of pressure to fire.

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    Just not a good idea, mainly because you just don't know where exactly and in which orientation you will find the gun when you need it. And carrying gangsta style in your waistband is just epically dumb ... guess where the AD might go if you're unlucky. Besides lots of folks have had their pieces fall out at the most inopportune occasions, even if they did not go off.

    At least a pocket holster or a holster purse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avail View Post
    I have a friend at work that carries a Glock that way, but he's scared to carry it chambered due to the fact that he's heard about ADs happening that way. I told him to wear a holster, but his excuse is that its easier to CC his Glock with the little clip
    Exactly why I don't like Glocks. Might "save" you a split second in a quick draw situation.... but.......

    I like/carry automatics that have an exterior hammer, a positive safety that needs to be deliberately put to fire mode and hard pull for the first shot. It's a personal picadillo, but there it is.

    Frankly, I generally carry my Ruger SP 101 revolver anyway. The automatics just for long trips or my "Tomcat" for just around town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronwill View Post
    Currently in Georgia you must carry in a holster. There has been a bill introduced to remove this requirement.
    I don't believe that's required in Georgia any more, but do agree that carrying in some sort of holster that protects the trigger from accidents is wise.

  7. I cannot see a good reason for carrying without one. Carrying with a holster improves comfort, security of the weapon and safety. Police officers are often trained that someone who is carrying in a holster is likely a Concealed Permit holder and less likely to be a "bad guy".

    I suppose expedience might be a reason to tuck your weapon into your pants, but I find a good paddle holster is much better for that sort of thing.

  8. OK, true confession time: I've had a CPL and been carrying for 36 years now. Although I like a nice strong side IWB holster, I long ago settled for a "deep concealment" carry that works for me. In the late 70's a gunsmith showed me how he carried inside his shirt. Not fast, but well concealed.

    For me, and only for me because all bodies differ physically: inside shirt but outside undershirt, behind left hipbone, butt forward. This with a 1911, either full length or Commander sized. I wear a good sized belt (custom made Beltster from Bandera Gunleather, holding my 30 year old Bowen Survivor buckle and having two seldom-used holsters of its own) quite snug, often with radio holder and other burdens on the belt.

    For me, this works, is stable and secure, but I will not recommend it to anyone else. And yes, you do have to watch cleanliness and dust bunnies. It's not quick to access (I am right handed), and I'd rather carry strong side in a nice IWB, but it works for me when deep concealment is the primary consideration.

    One of these days I'll spend the money for Dave Workman's tuckable "Undershirt," or even Mitch Rosen's copy-with-permission, the "Workman." (I know Dave and he's in my state, so D&D Gunleather would be my first choice.) Times are changing and the odds of needing it in a hurry are increasing. But for now... this has worked for me for a long time.
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    I know first hand of cases where folks lost guns from the waistband during altercations, and also a guy that got shot in the butt while carrying a 1911 Mex carry.

    I would never carry without a holster of some type being used.

  10. I have always worn a holster, A. Because it was the way I was trained, and B. Because I don't wqnt to be like that guy in New York who wore his Glock stuck in the waistband of his sweatpants, and shot himself in the leg when it stated slipping. The gun went off when he tried to grab it, and then they tried to cover it up, saying he was shot someplace else. Having been a cop myself, I know it is easier to explain an empty holster that to explain why one is carrying like a gantgbanger.
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  11. Retention as already been mentioned A LOT, so here's something else to consider.

    Carrying without a holster really isn't a good idea if you think about it. One big advantage to having gun in a holster is that the holster stays in one place and the gun does, too. If you wear the holster in the same place every day, your body develops the instinctive reaction of putting your hand right 'there' to initiate a draw. That also means, in a self defense situation, there's no fumbling around hunting your master grip on the gun (assuming, of course, that you've actually practiced getting your master grip on the gun before drawing it). Faster you get the gun out, the faster, if it is necessary, you can shoot. If the gun comes out of the holster sitting 'right' in your hand, there's no time wasted making minor adjustments to align the sights so you can shoot, too. Smooth is fast and the less wasted motion you have the smoother (and faster) you will be. In a self defense situation, you are most likely already behind the curve and you will not have that time to waste nor can you guarantee that you are in a situation where you can afford to miss. ('Defense' automatically assumes the other is the initiator of the confrontation and aggressor and that means you are reacting to the threat. Reaction is never faster than action, so you don't have the time to waste to begin with).

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