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    Carry Piece

    Itching to buy a new carry piece. Thinking about a .45 any suggestions or opinions on the best somewhat compact .45? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by db cooper View Post
    Itching to buy a new carry piece. Thinking about a .45 any suggestions or opinions on the best somewhat compact .45? thanks
    Depends on how "somewhat Compact" you want it. If you like Single Action 1911's, get a Lightweight Ofc's ACP or Kimber CDP. Like the Glock and 10 rounds, get a Glock 30. Like a small, flat DAO. Get a Kahr P45. An inexpensive, but quality, super compact is the Taurus PT 745. Shop around. I like the 45 ACP also, and there are plenty compacts to choose from these days.
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    I carry a Kimber Ultra Rsptor, Its nice , Look at the various models that they have in 3 inch. Its a great carry piece and not too big.

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    Thumbs up Smith & Wesson

    I carry a Smith and Wesson M&P 45 in a super tuck holster by cross breed and love it.

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    I do not own a 45 at this time. All my autos are 9mm. If I were to buy one I might look at getting it in the Sig 250. That way I could also get the switch out to 9mm and get it in the sub compact configuration.
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    Glock G30. Or if that is too thick (which it is pretty thick) you can go for the single stack version, Glock G36. I am considering a Jericho 941 in .45 "Medium frame" which is sometimes called compact. But I want to touch/feel one.

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    As you can see there are a lot of choices available. I carry a Kahr PM45. I have several compact 45's and found the Kahr fit me the best. Go to some gun stores in your area with a list of the recommended firearms here and see which ones you like the best. If you have a firing range that rents firearms see if they have any you like and give them a try. I'll bet you find a couple that you'll absolutely love.
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    I carry a Glock 21 in a CrossBreed Super Tuck Deluxe, not a compact but very comfortable.

  10. I carry a PT145 in a Fobus SP11B holster, Fits close and has a nice forward kant.


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