Parade magazine vote on gun laws
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Thread: Parade magazine vote on gun laws

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    Parade magazine vote on gun laws

    Despite Recent Violence, Gun Laws Are Softening |

    It was just running 94% to loosen state gun laws but we all need to vote and keep it going the right way.

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    I just love the way anti-gun people scream bloody murder anytime someone suggests that gun laws increase violent crimes.

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    just voted. yes is still at 94%
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    The numbers show time and time again, strict gun laws increase violent crime
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    Just voted. The Yes column has dropped to 93%

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    93% yes. 7% sheeple with out a clue.
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    Just voted....same 93% to 7%
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  9. My question is if the poles keep showing 90+ are pro gun then why do we have so many laws controlling the guns, and why are we fighting so hard to keep the rights we do have? I did vote too.
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    Voted... it showed up to 94%.

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    It back to 93%.

    Yes 93%

    No 7%
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