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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
    How about the Bar/Restaurant hybrids? (Wild Wing Cafe for example or a BWW). These places have enormous seating for their restaurants, and just as much seating at the bar. Some places make a boatload of money from their bars, late night and weekends. And they charge an Arm and a leg for beer. I'm sure they are getting a hefty chunk of change from alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights.

    I honestly couldn't tell you how much money they are getting from either side. The point is: If a restaurant gets 52 percent of its revenue from alcohol, is it really THAT much dangerous for CCWs to carry? Why is 50/50 the tipping point? Why not 83/17?
    The point is it draws a line in the sand to differentiate between the places that are dives that serve only booze with occasional food, and yes your hybrid which may make some good money on weekends but a look at the books would show the lions share is from the food.

    Places that cater to the drinkers and not the eaters are obvious, holes in the wall, not as well maintained, and are dives, drunks do not care how a place looks people who eat do.

    As a father, husband, and long time CCW license I can recognize them just driving by and those are places to be avoided period, I do not and would not take my family in one. So be alert look around and If you need it spelled out for you at the door then maybe you should not be carrying in the first place.... Be safe!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon View Post
    Nope both wrong it is obvious as all get-out, there are just bars that may serve some greasy disgusting item they call food, and there are the places that serve good food and will be packed with people at tables eating and not just there to drink their meal.

    I know you all know of these places.... AKA A Dive that you would not go into with out an armed escort and where the cockroaches eat for free, V.S. someplace you would take the wife or maybe a good friend for a nice meal that also serves hard liquor.... Let's not get silly here boys....
    Not to derail the thread, but a couple months ago I had lunch in a club. It wasn't exactly a dive, it was actually pretty decent, but the intent was certainly towards alcohol sales. That being said, lunch was freakin amazing, and it's definitely made it onto the top of my places to eat there.

    I will agree that basic common sense should apply, and you can usually tell if it's a bar with something to occasionally graze on, or a restaurant which also has a nice bar to go along with it.

  4. In Florida, it is actually fairly easy to seperate bars from resturants. If people are smoking, it's a bar, if no one is smoking, it's a resturant. I discovered this in a place I used to hang out in. Before 10pm, the place was a resturant, no smoking; after 10 it was a bar. The determination was based on when the alcohol sales exceeded the food sales. Weird.....
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