More women taking advantage of firearms classes
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Thread: More women taking advantage of firearms classes

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    More women taking advantage of firearms classes

    The Port Clinton News-Herald is reporting on a mother-daughter partnership that offers all-female gun education courses, as well as National Rifle Association-certified concealed carry courses.

    Joy and Faith Ferkel have instructed more than 75 men and women, who are now better prepared to defend themselves and their families. They say most of the female students have taken advantage of all-women classes.

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    Having been in the vulnerable situation of being beaten by someone much bigger than she, Joy told the News-Herald she realizes the necessity for women to have the knowledge and tools to defend themselves, and she also has greater sympathy for the women who come to her class because a past experience has made them afraid.

    There are openings in the all-ladies and coed classes in August and September. For information, or to register for a class, call 419-547-6203.

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