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    in this situation, if for some reason you only did get off one shot (then something horrible happens like a malfunction), and the perp has the decentcy to turn and walk away. I believe your next action should be to find cover, and clear the malfunction while continueing to asses the situation, and if/since the perp/and his partner is/are still walking away and has not assumed another offensive position, then would be the time to use your support hand and phone the police for backup.

    I'm not sure if using verbal commands to detain the perp until the calvery arrives would be the best idea in this situation, the perp does still have his shotty, and his partner... well who knows what kinds of mischief he's got planned. It might be a better idea to let them go on their way. And, then give good accurate descriptions of them to the police when they arrive. I'm sure a guy with a gunshot wound probably wont be going too far.

    If you have other insight to this second part of the equation then I want to hear it.

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    I just saw the video interview with the man who shot the kid. With the Sarasota police in attendance. Didn't hear how many shots were fired, only tha tthe gun was a .380.

    And (last word!), I certainly would NOT have shot the kid AFTER he turned away from me and attempted to flee, although I would certainly have been very careful that he didn't decide to turn around and open fire. But I would have pulled the trigger more than once to "stop the threat" while that pump shotgun was aimed at me. Especially with a .380.

    The victim also stated that he shot the kid not only to protect himself, but to keep him outside of his gated property. His home had been vandalized, phone lines cut, security lighting broken...he definitely had the right to use deadly force.

    The perp is now in the hospital, a minor teen who will probably be charged as an adult and jailed as soon as he is released rom the hospital.
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    If enough criminals are injured or shot while doing their crimes then maybe some of them will get the message that what they're doing is not a good idea.
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